Judgment: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Judgment.


Story Related Achievement

These achievement will automatically be unlocked when you follow the story missions and beat the game normally

The Game is Afoot
Retrieved the money from the Horseplayer Detective

Trust Issues
Completed Chapter 2

Skeletons in the Closet
Completed Chapter 4

The Kansai Factor
Completed Chapter 6

Blowing the Lid Off
Completed Chapter 8

Enemies of My Enemies
Completed Chapter 10

Politics of Justice
Completed Chapter 12

Thank You!
Completed all of the main story.

Detective of Legend
Completed the game on LEGEND difficulty.

Side Missions

These achievement needs you to do some side quest or extra activities, but it is quite simple and self explanatory

On the Case
Cleared 10 side cases.

Local Detective
Cleared 30 side cases.

Got to the Bottom of It
Cleared all of the side cases.

A Friendly Guy
Made 10 friends.

A Popular Guy
Made 30 friends.

A Guy Everybody Knows
Made 50 friends.

Going Steady
A girl revealed her true feelings.

Ladies, Please
Two girls revealed their true feelings.

Now You’re Just Bragging
Four girls revealed their true feelings.

Skill Dabbler
Obtained 30 skills.

Skill Pro
Obtained 60 skills.

Skill Master
Obtained all skills.

KamuroGo Shopper
Completed five stores in KamuroGo’s Shop Missions.

KamuroGo Trendsetter
Completed 10 stores in KamuroGo’s Shop Missions.

KamuroGo Socialite
Completed all of KamuroGo’s Shop Missions.

KamuroGo Tourist
Completed 10 KamuroGo City Missions.

KamuroGo Local
Completed 30 KamuroGo City Missions.

KamuroGo Guide
Completed all KamuroGo City Missions.

Pawn Star
Sold 100 items to Ebisu Pawn.
tips: get 100items first, save game, then sell them all. reload savegame to get items back that you want to keep.

Retail Therapy
Shopped 100 times.
tips: should be unlocked naturally, but if you are near endgame, and still haven’t unlock this, just save the game and buy cheapest item until you hit the 100marker and reload the savegame

The Bird’s the Word
Controlled the drone for over an hour.

Electronic Perspective
Flew the drone in first person mode for 60 seconds.

Oh Look, a Cat!
Found all the stray cats while in search mode during the main story.

  • there are 14 cats that can be found from main story investigation, and 14 from side cases.
  • here’s the link to a written guide [www.powerpyx.com] (credits to powerpyx.com)
  • and a video guide courtesy of Gaming with Abyss

Zombie Apocalypse Survivor
Obtained 50 pickups in Kamuro of the Dead.
tips: if you exit out midgame, what you hit still counts, so you can abuse the system by redoing the last part of stage 1 which has 3 targets closeby.

Drone Enthusiast
Obtained all drone parts.

The Gamer Life
Played every arcade game.

  • Play 4 games at Club Sega on Nakamichi Street (Fighting Vipers, Fantasy Zone, Puyo Puyo, Virtua Fighter 5)
  • Play 5 games at Club Sega on Theater Square (Kamuro of the Dead, UFO Catcher, Motor Raid, Darts, Space Harrier)

KamuroGo Master
Achieved 100% completion of KamuroGo. Wow!
Complete all City Missions and Shop Missions from the KamuroGo app

Hidden Achievements

There are in total 10 hidden achievements for this game

I’ll Make it Double
Doubled your chips at L’Amant.

actually unmissable at chapter 2 since it’s story related, you will find a hidden casino underneath koi shop, just double your chips from 300 to 600 before leaving L’amant.

note: some people reports that the achievement may be bugged when you double your chip at later time, so try to save before entering the casino or when inside the first time and double your chip before progressing the story.

Way Too Thorough!
Fully investigated Terasawa.

in chapter 5, Terasawa (the nurse) will lead to you to a room, where you’ll be in active search mode to investigate the bed.
Focus and select Terasawa’s face, chest and posterior (back side)

The Art of Conversation
Entertained the customer flawlessly.

in chapter 7, part of the story is to investigate Queen Club, and disguising as Saori,
you need to pick certain responses:

  • With the two business-men at their seats

– My name is Saori
– Were you asleep?

  • Inside the dressing room, talking to the hostess beside you

– Hashiki-san!?

  • When back at your seats, with a single business-man

– Give Mika a Sign
– Get Close to Him

Professional Password Presenter
Got the password right on the first try.

in chapter 8, you’ll be tasked to find a gambling hall at Champion District.
you will need three passwords which you can get from L’Amant:

  • Three Times
  • Can I talk to moon?
  • Chateaubriand, blue.

Hung Jury
Saved Sugiura with less than 10 seconds left.

in chapter 12, you will tail a middle man to the secret hideout. After you beat the homeless thugs, save your game.
After awhile, Sugiura will dissapear, and you will find him in a red room with some thugs.
Just leave one guy and let the timer hit 10seconds before beating the last one.

The Final Nail
Presented the right evidence to the judge on the first try.

at final chapter, at the court case, you need to pick these choices:

  • It created cushy retirement positions.
  • Shintani’s Phone Log. The picture of the phone.
  • Shono’s Connection to the Kyorei Clan Murders
  • Hamura and Ichinose’s Missing Link

Drone Champion
Won first place in every D-League race.

Yagami Party
Completed all Dice & Cube courses and rules at Paradise VR.

He Just Doesn’t Quit
Defeated the opponent in the side case, “A Final Request.”

after you finish all the side cases, you can initiate this final side case.
You will meet Shin Amon in Little China and beat him.
Match your stance to the color of the background, ie. red = rush, blue = crane.
if you are having a hard time, just tune down the difficulty.

Pay Your Rent, Yagami
Ate all of Tomioka-san’s homecooked meals.

One of the friend mission will have you eat at Smile Burger on Nakamichi Street.
You can get free rent if you leave feedback for the food that she deliveres to your office refrigerator.
Just put good words, and maximize the friend meter to have the meals more often.
Once you have eaten all types of meals (about half a dozen), the achievement will pop up.

The Greatest Detective
Obtain all other achievements.

Thanks to aarmosher and Hendra1304 Backlog Edition for their excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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