Journey: 100% Achievements Guide

This guide will provide all the information you need to know to obtain every achievement Journey.


Finish the game and return to the beginning.

Reach on top of the mountain and complete the game, after watching the credits you will automatically receive this achievement.

Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf.

Navigate the Underground Passage without being detected. This can be easily achieved by sticking close to the left-hand wall whenever a Guardian is present.

You will get this trophy when you first meet the leviathen creatures underground after sailing down the mountain and passing through some gates with the cloth creature that you (hopefully) freed in level 3.

The easiest way to do this is to stay to the “left” as much as you can. The right wall may also be a viable path. When you reach the end of a room it is a good idea to jump through the windows that are in the wall because it will give you a good view of the room to come.

Reach the summit with a companion and return to the beginning.

This achievement requires you to complete the final section of the game alongside another player. This is the easiest of the multiplayer rewards to get. Once you reach the Summit, wait near the entrance until another player appears. Tag along with them through the final leg of the adventure to obtain the Trophy.

Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and return to the beginning.

This achievement is a bit trickier. It requires that you complete a “majority” of the game alongside another player, however it is possible to join a companion as late as the Underground Passage and still get this achievement. They best way to do this is to hang around the beginning of the Underground Passage section until you spot another wanderer. Hang out with them for a bit to get a feel for how they play. If they try to run ahead of you, they probably aren’t interested in sharing the journey. Wait until you find someone who wants to keep up with you and tries to assist you. These are the kinds of players who are most likely going to stick around until the end. Make it from the Underground Passage to the top of the Summit to earn your reward.

The best way to do this is to hang around the beginning of the Underground Passage section until you spot another wanderer. Hang out with them for a bit to get a feel for how they play. If they try to run ahead of you, they probably aren’t interested in sharing the journey. Wait until you find someone who wants to keep up with you and tries to assist you. These are the kinds of players who are most likely going to stick around until the end. Make it from the Underground Passage to the top of the Summit to earn your reward.

Find the hidden desert flower.

You can find this flower in the Desert area of Journey, and in doing so, earn yourself the Mirage Trophy.

Once you spot the two lights that shoot out of the mountain, trace the second one back to near the start of the area. If you follow its path, you’ll eventually stumble upon a valley that contains a very familiar Hidden Desert Flower.

Discover all cloth creatures in the desert.

This achievement is obtainable when you first meet the flying “cloth creatures” in the third level after you build the bridge.

If you are unable to locate any of these creatures, it is possible to wander around the level until the creatures appear to lead you to various landmarks.

Additionally, if you see any building, chances are there may be a cloth creature there (if it is not the site of a glyph or symbol).

The trophy notification will not appear until you end the level; if you did not find all the creatures, you will not receive the notification. If you have, the trophy will appear on screen as normal.

Meet 10 or more unique travelers.

Just keep playing for a while. You may also quit the game and then continue your journey for a better chance at getting a new partner. This shouldn’t be too tough to accomplish, although you may not reach your goal until your second or third play-through of the game.

Pro Tip:
If you CAN NOT find any partners to play with, try to change your steam download region. by this trick you can play on different server and hopefully you’ll meet more partners during the game play.
In order to change your steam download region go to the path below and try to select a new and popular download region (e.x UK or US):
Steam > Settings > Downloads > Download Region
Once you set the new download region you have to close the game restart your steam launcher.
Note: after completing this achievement, don’t forget to set your download region back to default one, because you may have problems downloading/updating the games in the future.

Sit and meditate with another player for more than 20 seconds.

This Achievement is a bit of a crap shoot. You need to sit and meditate with another player for 20 seconds. To initiate this, just press SELECT. Your character will sit on the sand until you direct them to move. The easiest way to achieve this is honestly just waiting near the end of any level and sitting near the shrine. There’s a good chance that someone will come along, recognize what you’re doing, and help you get the Achievement.

Hint: If you are playing on keyboard, press ENTER in order to sit and meditate in game.

Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple.

After you’ve fully flooded the Temple area with magic, sink back down to the bottom and enter the central tower. Inside you’ll find the Mysterious Creature that will look familiar to fans of that game company’s previous title, flow.

Collect all unique glowing symbols across one or more journeys.

Head back to the Sunken City and grab the Symbols you may have missed in order to unlock this achievement as well as the ability to don the white robe.

Finding all of the Symbols hidden throughout Journey will not only reward you with the Transcendence Achievement but will give you access to an incredibly powerful white robe with a regenerating scarf.

There are a total of 21 throughout the game, to know where we need one because at the end of each level where the area meditation there are squares some enlightened and others may not, those who are not enlightened are symbols that we skipped with that charge level and we will take.
These are the symbols by level:

Glowing Symbol Locations:

Introduction Symbol 1
The first of the Symbols you’ll collect is immediately in front of you as soon as you begin the game. Grab it to gain your first scarf extension.


Introduction Symbol 2
Once you reach the bottom of the valley, grab the Symbol that sits on the small platform.


Introduction Symbol 3
The final Symbol of the Intro is about halfway up the central platform. Grab it to earn your 3rd scarf extension.


Broken Bridge Symbol 1
You’ll spot the first Symbol of the area straight ahead from the starting point. It’s just above where the area’s lone Ancient Glyph is. You may need to collect the other Symbols in the area first in order to have enough scarf power to reach the landing.


Broken Bridge Symbol 2
From the start, head northwest to spot this Symbol that’s hidden behind the far wall underneath a sand waterfall.


Broken Bridge Symbol 3
From the start of the Broken Bridge, head immediately left to spot this Symbol underneath a pile of rocks.


Desert Symbol 1
From the start, head straight towards the mountain for quite a bit of time. Before you reach the sandstorm, keep your eye on the mountain until you spot a pair of lights shoot out into the sky. One will land on a ruined wall at the bottom of a valley. This one is a Symbol. If you backtrack and follow the other light, you’ll be able to track down the Hidden Desert Flower and earn one of the game’s Trophies.


Desert Symbol 2
From the beginning of the area, head right and keep walking until you spot a small set of ruins that house a Symbol.


Desert Symbol 3
Head along the left-hand side of the level until you spot the ruins that house the second Ancient Glyph. From here, just head towards the mountain over one sand dune to spot the tower that houses the Symbol.


Desert Symbol 4
Once you make it to the top of the tower in the middle of the sandstorm, look around the left-hand side of the shrine to spot another Symbol.


Sunken City Symbol 1
As soon as you start sliding down the hill, stay to the left. After you’ve gone through the first 5 arches, turn towards the middle of the path and enter the ruined hallway to grab the first Symbol of the area.


Sunken City Symbol 2
After you go through the first sand waterfall, you’ll be shot over a large chasm. Immediately turn to the right and float down to the glowing Symbol that resides on a small platform.


Sunken City Symbol 3
During the second sliding sequence, stay in the middle of the path. About halfway down, you’ll spot a sharp rock near the center of the path that juts out like a ramp to the right. Use this as a jumping-off point and float into the crevice in the canyon wall to grab another Symbol.


Underground Passage Symbol 1
Near the beginning of the area, you’ll come across a series of small tubes strewn about the ground. There is one that is propped up diagonally against another. Inside of this one is the first Symbol of the Underground Passage.


Underground Passage Symbol 2
Just past the first Symbol is a large open area with cloth ribbons that resemble seaweed. Straight ahead is a tube with an opening that houses another Symbol.


Underground Passage Symbol 3
The next area tasks you with floating up using more cloth ribbons. Near the end of this chamber are a handful of jelly-fish creatures. The Symbol is located on the one that is floating near the top.

Underground Passage Symbol 4
The final Symbol of the Underground Passage can be found in the tunnel patrolled by the two Guardians. Navigate the area down the left-hand side, and you’ll spot the Symbol just before the final slope of the area.


Temple Symbol 1
As soon as you use the first mural to raise the level of magic in the chamber, turn around and you’ll spot the Symbol on the central tower just above you.


Temple Symbol 2
Once you’ve raised the magic high enough to release the cloth whale, ride him and keep an eye on the central tower. You’ll soon spot an opening that contains another Symbol.


Temple Symbol 3
Once you free the cloth whale, enter its chamber to find the Temple’s lone Ancient Glyph. Hidden behind a curtain in this room is another Symbol.


Temple Symbol 4
The final Symbol in the Temple is located in a room along the edge of the main chamber. Wait until you’ve raised the magic fully before you grab it. It’s in a room about 1/2 the way up, roughly level with the jellyfish, and directly above the entrance hall where you came in.


Cross the broken bridge without completely rebuilding it.

Collect at least five symbols from the first two areas. Skip the ribbon at the base of the first pillar, but clear the other long ribbons to build the longer bridge sections. Now, fly up the first ribbon, using it to recharge as you go, and you have enough height to get to the top of the first pillar. Alternatively, once you earn the white robe, it gives you a longer scarf that has the ability to recharge. Use this to cross the Broken Bridge easily without having to rebuild it.

Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs.
Use the Ancient Glyphs page to find all 10 murals.

The first of the Ancient Glyphs in Journey is found early on in the introduction. Once you grab the first of your Symbols, the game sort of ushers you to move forward. Instead, head right and continue over a sand dune to spot a small shrine that houses the Glyph.


Broken Bridge
The only Ancient Glyph in the Broken Bridge section lies straight ahead from your starting point. You’ll spot a waterfall of sand underneath the broken bridge itself. Walk through it to reveal the Glyph.


From the start of the area, head straight ahead over a handful of sand dunes until you come upon ruins that house some cloth creatures. From here, head straight towards the mountain over another sand hill to spot a small temple that houses an Ancient Glyph.


After you collect the first Glyph, head across the desert, then backtrack back to the starting area. You should come across a large sprawl of rocks that contain the areas second Glyph.

Note, this Glyph is located extremely close to the final Symbol of the Desert.


Sunken City
The first Glyph in the Sunken City can be found in the first area where you finally stop sliding down. As soon as you land in this small valley, head straight forward until you spot a gathering of small cloth wisps. Ride them up and to the right to find the Ancient Glyph.


The second Ancient Glyph is found at the very end of the Sunken City. Before you kneel at the altar, look to the left to spot the mural hidden in the shadows.


Underground Passage
The lone Glyph in the Underground Passage can be found in the area patrolled by the Guardian. When you spot a small gathering of cloth wisps that get destroyed by one of the beasts, quickly move to the lefthand wall to spot the Ancient Glyph.


Although there are numerous murals to interact with throughout the Temple, all but one are found automatically by completing the level. The only hidden one can be found after you’ve raised the magic up high enough to release the cloth whale. Enter the chamber where he was housed to find the one Ancient Glyphs in the area. This room is also home to one of the Temple Symbols.


Near the beginning of your ascent, you’ll come across a cave to your left. Enter and light the torch, then use the cloth wisps to fly up and discover the Ancient Glyph.


In the first area where you’re attacked by the Guardian, keep an eye out for a single post off to the left near the end. Head towards it to discover an ice cave containing the final Ancient Glyph of the game.


Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the sunken city.

This is a fairly easy task, as you have two chances to do this. Just slide through as many gates as you can the first time going through, and try to hit as many gates as possible during your second surf.

Start the journey again after a week long break.

Just don’t touch the game for a week you nerd.

By Script and Ziwena

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