Jivana Walkthrough (All Chapters & Achievements)

Full playthrough and achievement guide. Contains timestamps and directions for altar locations.


Jivana Walkthrough (All Chapters & Achievements)


00:00 Title and story cutscene
02:00 Introduction level gameplay
03:30 Introduction camp stop
07:54 First level gameplay
16:55 First level camp stop
18:18 Second level gameplay
25:55 Second level camp stop
28:42 End

Story based achievements

These will automatically unlock as you progress through the game.

03:24 Feels like home – Reach the campfire for the first time
16:18 Moving on – Unlock your way through the canyon
29:36 When will we be safe? – Reach the end of the journey

Altar achievements

Pray at each altar. The achievement will unlock on the last one.

Please hear my prayers – Pray before all the altars at the entrance of the canyon
8:40 Altar 1
10:26 Altar 2
11:34 Altar 3
13:24 Altar 4
14:42 Altar 5

Help me save them – Pray before all the altars at the end of the canyon
18:55 Altar 1
20:00 Altar 2
21:12 Altar 3

Thanks to shezzor for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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