ITTA: All Weapon Locations

ITTA is a bullet-hell adventure set in a world filled with monstrous bosses, the powerful weapon will help you beat the bosses in the game. here are all weapon locations in ITTA.
Weapon Locations
Here are all the weapon locations in-game. Each weapon must be given to the blacksmith in order to use them.
Map with all locations later in this guide, with locations marked with a 2-letter acronym.

Pistol [Pi]

Description:Your dad’s pistol. Medium rate of fire, low damage.
Acquisition: This is the first weapon that you obtain upon starting the game.

Shotgun [Sg]

Description: No time for pleasantries. Medium rate of fire, medium damage, wide spread.
Acquisition: Found to the left of the first area you enter, blocked by walls. Gotta take the long way around to be able to get it, or destroy the walls with a strong weapon.

Cannon [Cn]

Description: Packs a punch. Low rate of fire, Very high damage. My favorite.
Acquisition: Found near the cartographer, on the stairs to the left.

Bomb [Bm]

Description: Opens up secret paths. Thrown weapon, Very high damage.
Acquisition: Go to the bottom of the first screen upon entering the Gardens, then go right. The Bomb is inside of a building to the east of the entrance.

Machinegun [Mg]

Description: Your new best friend. High rate of fire, medium damage.
Acquisition: The Machinegun is in the far south of the Gardens, in a building next to the right side of the corridor of faces.

Flamethrower [Ft]

Description: Lights up pillars. Very high rate of fire, Low damage.
Acquisition: In the ruins, south area, as you walk down the stairs there are two entrances leading to the same interior, leading to the Flamethrower.

Greatsword [Sw]

Description: A weapon made for royalty. Melee weapon, High damage.
Acquisition: In the forest, east of the King boss’ room, behind a cracked wall under the King’s statue.

Scythe [Sc]

Description: Is actually a boomerang. Thrown weapon, High damage.
Acquisition: Just before the Wolf’s boss’ room, there is a cracked wall as you walk the path to the boss, right above the stairs near the Incomplete Map.

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