It gets so lonely here: 100% Achievement Guide

General guide on how to get all the achievements for this VN. I won’t be including any screenshots or specifics on the options because I want you to experience them.


First playthrough

So, first off, welcome to this game… You’d enjoy this ride so I recommend exploring it on your own before reading this guide. If you’re intent on reading this guide anyways, continue reading.

In order to minimise the spoilers, I will not be posting any screenshots or specifics to the story.

So, back to the game…

1. You come across your first set of 3 options… It really doesn’t matter because you’d get to visit all the places anyways, and this menu will appear at a different point in the story with the other options. For simplicity’s sake, its best to go down the order.

2. Play through it, and you’d meet your next set of options. Make a save. Choose the first option, and then revert your save and choose the second one.

3. You’d be greeted again by this same set of options, minus the one you’ve been to. Choose the next on the list.

4. Similar options to step 2 will appear, so repeat step 2.

5. You’d be greeted by the last place as an option. Choose that.

6. You’d get the same 2 options as Step 2, so same take the same steps.

7. At this point the first playthrough will end. Read the notes unlocked in the extras (not important for achievements, but important for ebisama).

You may, at this point, notice that there are more achievements. Keep reading to find out how to get them.

Second Playthrough

So, you want to get all the achievements, so you click Load to go back to see where you can choose a different option… Only to find out all your saves have been nuked. Nevermind, lets just play anyways.

1. You’d be met by the same 3 options, I did it in reverse order this time, but I suspect the outcome wouldn’t matter no matter the option you choose.

2. Step 2 should be familiar at this point… I did it mostly to be safe but I don’t know if it matters in the end.

3. Just repeat… the steps from the first playthrough.

4. At the end of the “story”, you’ll notice a different ending.

Third Playthrough

So, at this point you’re wondering… What the hell? I have questions and more achievements to get… Well, fret not, your next playthrough is probably gonna solve that.

You’d be greeted with 2 options. Don’t bother saving because either option will just close your game and nuke your saves. Choose the option you want, relaunch the game, and repeat the first 2 playthrough guides and choose a different option…

And that’s it… You have all the achievements. If you still don’t have all, well, its a VN and you’re expected to experiment until you find it.

Thanks to Intel_Xeon_E5 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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