Isle of Pan: All Creatures & Portals (Official Guide)

A guide to find every creature and open every portal. It is organized by location and roughly the order they appear in the book.

********** SPOILERS AHEAD **********


Main Island

1. Sheep: 6 spread out across the island.
1a: Homestead
1b: Westpoint Stonehenge
1c: TrollField
1d: Tree Hill
1e: Near the faerie dance circle
1f: on the ridge leading to sunrise point

2. Rabbit: behind the house in the grass near the beach

3. Raven: multiple locations, first one is on the rocks near Puck

4. Seagull: multiple locations, there are three on the beach near the homestead

5. Puck: In the clearing in front of the homestead

6. UFOs
6a: Homestead area
6b: Between the mound and the beach
6c: Near the faerie dance circle
6d: Tree Hill
6e: Near the marsh/lake on the north of the island.

6f: on the ridge leading to sunrise point

7. UFO encounter: after photographing all the UFOs, a UFO will appear near the Troll Field. Enter the UFO to find a hidden portal world.

8. Lochie: in the water only visible during morning

9. Hatman: Outside the homestead only at 3 am.

10 Flower Sprite: in a group to the northeast of the homestead only during the day.

11. Funguy: Eat the mushroom

12. Jogger:

13. Static Being

14. Banshee: Only at night

15. Unicorn: Only in the morning.

16. Men in Black (3 instances after photographing nearby UFO)

17. Alien Grey: Only after UFO is landed

18. Faerie

19. Wise Tree: eat the apple

20. Tyreman

21. Gnome: Village only visible at sunrise

22. Wisp: Only visible at night. Follows path to the Skull Cave.

23. Flannelman

24. Raven King

25. Fresno Walker: only at night

26. Glimmerman: can be hard to spot he creeps around that area

27. Ghost Edwin: go up to the coffin

28. Ghost Bridget: walk over the back row of gravestones

29. Flatwoods Monster

30. Troll: go the point then look back at the mountain

31. Frogman: only at night

32. Golem

33. Sheep god: only after photographing all 6 sheep

34. Big Black Cat

35. Gremlin: by the plane

36. Woman in White: only at night

37. Dragon: inside the cave

38. Gold Goblin: inside the cave

39. Reptilian: inside the cave

P1: Initiation

First Portal unlocked by turning time to midnight. If you don’t have the watch yet, talk to Puck. None of the creatures are missed easily. Progress through the linear level and let the Mantis perform surgery on you. She will then give you the token.

1. Psychopomp

2. Council

3. Mantis

P2: Carnival

Travel through the path by the rocks. There are 6 Jester types that need to be photographed to progress into the big tent. The 6 types are spread throughout the 3 smaller tents. After photographing all 6 jesters, the big tent will unlock. Go inside, walk to the jester, then listen and watch. When the room lights up again, the token will float down.

1. Clown

2. Jester

3. Harlequin: alone in the black and white tent

4. The Fool: inside the dance tent

5. Satyr: inside the dance tent

6. Trickster: inside the tent opposite the big tent. Dancing on a platform in the sky.

7. The Green Man: inside the big tent.

P3: The Woods

There is a ring around the level with 5 monsters along the ring. Photograph the 5 creatures. First time you photograph a creature, a small being is released and runs to the center of the Woods. When all 5 creatures have been photographed move to the center of the woods, the moon will lower, and you’ll get the token.

1. Dogman

2. Ghost of the Wood

3. Crawler

4. Bigfoot

5. Anxiety Choir

6. Monster Soul: inside a creature when you photograph them the first time.

7. Insidious Moon: Above the center clearing

P4: Fractals

Too open this portal, eat (hold) the mushroom then listen to Funguy. Afterwards he will lead you to the portal. Inside the portal, go through each arch to change the sculpture in the center. Photograph each sculpture to unlock the portal.

1. Sculpture

P5: River Styx

There is a sword in the middle of the pond by the waterfall. Grab it and bring it to the Raven King. He will unlock the door under the waterfall. The first three creatures are photographed on the boat ride. After you arrive on shore, move forward and photograph all 6 harpies to unlock the token.

1. Lost Soul

2. Tall Walker

3. Giant Shadow

4. Harpy

P6: Latent Desert

Stand in the circle by the fast travel flag and set the time to sunrise. The sun will line up with the circle and a walkway appears with the portal. Inside the portal, photograph all 6 creatures to unlock the token at the top of the hill.

1. Akephaloi

2. Severed Hand

3. Hecate

4. Giant Rabbit

5. Language

6. Eye

P7: Sheep Dream

Photograph all 6 sheep to unlock this portal. Find the well in the middle of the level (follow the dream streamers if you can’t find it). Go close to it and day will transition to night. Eventually a shooting star will land nearby with the token.

1. Dream Streamer

P8: Stairway

First find your way to the center of the maze. (follow the orange flowers or just take a picture of the maze on the map and find your route). When you get to the center and exit up the stairs the portal opens on top of the tower. Go to the tower using the teleporter on the beach.
Inside the portal head up the stairs. Unlock the next stage by looking in the corner by the hole. Unlock the following stage by going inside the platform. Unlock the last stage by walking up to each statue. The token is on the last level.

1. Mayura

P9: Lay Lines

Stand inside center of the Stone circle. Turn time to sunset to open the portal.
Inside the portal are 5 other portals. Each portal has a key animal in it that needs to be photographed to unlock a 6 portal with the token inside.

Token Animals:

1. Eagle

2. Buffalo

3. Cobra

4. Tortoise

5. Dinosaur

P10 Sky World

Wake up the two ghosts (27 & 28) they will lead you to a doorway in the middle of the plateau by the ruins. Once both make it to the doorway it will unlock and follow the stairs to the portal.
Photograph the sky portal (sphere in cube) to progress through the levels until you get to the cloud god. After he talks to you, the token will float down.

1. Ball Lightning

2. Rainbow Walker: only photographing the “head” of these creatures counts.

3. Sky Creatures

4. Could god

P11: FaerieLand

Approach the dance circle and the faeries will start to dance. After their dance a portal opens up.

Photograph all 4 faeries on the path to the gate. They will follow you and unlock the gate. (sometimes they get stuck, just head back to them and photograph them again). Inside follow the path and talk to the king, he will present you with the token.

1. Goobi

2. Faerie King

P12: Underworld

Head through into the cave system and make your way through it to the dragon. He will open his mouth, head inside, remove the sword from the heart, and a portal will appear.
Photograph all 6 major devils to open the token by the photograph display.

1. Lucifer
2. Beelzebub
3. Hades
4. Oni
5. Behometh
6. Baphomet

7. Demon

8. Skeleton

9. Leech

P13: Outer Space

Secret portal after photographing all the UFOs. Head into the UFO after it lands near the pink tree.

Each of the 4 windows will switch between two celestial bodies. Move towards the window to make one appear, move away and it will shrink, move back to the window and a different one will appear. Once all have been activated at least once, a token will appear in the center.

1a the Sun
1b Mars

2a Saturn
2b Jupiter

3a Gaia
3b the MOON

4a Sputnik
4b Black Hole

??? Extra ???

1. Materialism Police: they come every time you grab a token

2. The Man on the Mountain: Find all the tokens to open the path to the top of the mountain

3. The Creator

Thanks to Dogū for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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