Isle of Arrows: Git Gud Guide

How to Git Gud in a RNG based, unbalanced, Tower Defence Game


Opening comment

Yo TD Fans and raging moron (me)

You are getting finger blasted by this game difficulty?
Thinking that getting 100% of achievement is impossible? (true)

Look no further, down below is a concise guide to help you Git Gud
(Just kidding RNG will still wreck you)

Path Wise

  • Try to make all towers hit at least two path (Not two compasses path necessarily, just two paths)
  • 1 path wide corners so you can put traps in a optimal places, hitting 3 tiles (4 is not super worth it)
  • Make uncompleted path and link them when you can AKA plan ahead


  • Fights Unsure, either pay them or fight GL
  • Relics are RARELY worth it – sell them
  • Wheel Spin RARELY worth it – just skip it
  • Beggar RARELY worth it – just skip it

Also, be aware, if you do go along with the above instead of skipping them;
You have to CLICK on the reward to get it, click NEXT button will remove it odd design


  • Sacrifice HP to gather more money at the beginning if needed – you should be able to buy back your life
  • It’s ok to burn all your money at some points if you REALLY need to find THAT tile that would complete whatever you are building


  • Founders Guild Not crazy about it
  • Architects The MOST Fun Guild to play with
  • Cannonners SECOND MOST Fun Guild to play with
  • Merchants Big No No from me, too unbalanced

Thanks to Tabasco for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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