Ironseed 25th Anniversary Edition: Starting Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Initial steps when starting the game. we will add some tips and tricks for the you.


Quick Start Guide
First Steps:
1. Set all your crew to “Researching” on each cubeface.
2. Encode all crew members on the Medical cubeface.
3. Save game.


1. Scan the first planet fully with all 4 categories (Land, Air, Water, Bio).
Anomalies will show up. You can collect them by selecting one and then clicking “Probe”. You can also pick them up in step #7…

2. Go to Bot Display on the Engineering cubeface.

3. Deploy your Minebot and Manufactory.

4. Encode your crew and Save on the Medical cubeface.

5. Go back to Bot Display and select the Cache tab

6. Collect any items in the cache.

7. Whatever you do, don’t go to Med Cube and click the Rest button! This will attract aliens and you can’t handle them yet. Just be patient… maybe do some other stuff like repairing your ship, researching artifacts, talking to the crew, etc.

8. Collect the items in the Planet Cache on the Bot Display. This will also be where anomalies show up if you don’t collect them with your probes.

9. Rinse and repeat steps 7 and 8 as much you want.

9. Decode crew that go insane.
Keep an eye on your crew members. If you do too much such as keeping 3 engineering teams busy, they can go a bit insane. Check out the guide on Insanity for more details.

10. Encode crew that level but don’t encode one that has low stats.
Better to keep crew members sane rather than worry about some lost research.

Remember to collect your bots before going to the next planet.

Additional Tips / Tricks
Fuel is created with the proper components in the Creation screen from the Engineering cubeface. Creating one will completely replinish the fuel tanks.

Your ship can be further modified through creating various devices. For example, you can increase the maximum number of guns by creating a Gun Node. Thrust and Cargo space can also be created.

After meeting an alien or receiving a new log entry, talk to your crew members and aliens you encounter. Keywords are used to trigger various responses. For example, ask your crew members about “seed”, “job”, “ship”, “earth”, etc. If you get a log entry about a Trojan Gate, say “gate” or “trojan”. New responses and keywords can show up from various events in the game. Keywords are also highlighted.

To increase crew stats, create more Mind Enhancers in the Creation screen.

“Disassembly” of artifacts will research the artifact. Various beneficial results can happen on completion.

Disassembly of Worthless Junk makes more Worthless Junk… what to do with all that junk? Maybe an alien will trade for it.

You can trade for less than what the alien wants. However, this will often lower their friendliness. Don’t do it too often.

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