Interference Dead Air: Locker Code, Achievements, and Secrets Guide

This guide is a work in progress! I can’t say when and even if it will be finished but I will share with you what I know.

Section 1 – Locker Code (Finished)
Section 2 – Achievements (W.I.P)
Section 3 – Secrets (Finished…For Now)
Section 4 – Crossword Answers (Finished)


Section 1 – Locker Code

When you start the game you will be trapped in a small security booth with a locker. Lucky for you the location of the sticky notes and the pass code for the location never actually change so here is the code and locations of where you can find them at.

First Location

– If you look on the P.A. speaker in the corner of the security booth you will see a yellow sticky note with the number 1 on it. That is the first number in the 4 digit combination.

Second Location

– Looking underneath your desk you will find another sticky note by the little trash can bin that says the number 9. That is the second digit for your 4 digit combination.

Third Location

– The third number to find can be found in the easiest location which is on the locked locker itself on the yellow sticky note which shows the number 5.

Fourth Final Location

– Underneath the table where your coffee maker and microwave is the where the last sticky note is hiding at which contains the number 4 on it.

The Code For The Locker is 1-9-5-2

Section 2 – Achievements

A lot of these achievement’s are really just time wasters and for most a self explanatory when you read them in the steam achievement list but I will list some of them here and how you can unlock it.

Achievement: Supplies!

Literally open the locker on the back wall in the security booth.

Achievement: What Truly Matters

You have solve all three of the crossword puzzles without starting a new game to achieve this achievement.

Achievement: Herbal Essences

All you have to do is go to the corner window in the office and touch the small little cactus. Then right after that go to the aloe plant under the medical kit and touch the plant to unlock this achievement.

Location of the cactus plant.

Location of the aloe plant.

Achievement: Big Brained

You will find a little rubik’s cube on top of the CCTV monitors. All you have to do is pick up and hit the solve button multiple times. The cube will solve itself if you keep spamming the solve button. Once you have done that you’ve unlocked the achievement!

Achievement: Bathroom Break

When you are leading Valerie through the facility you must lead her into an actual bathroom. Once you’ve done this you will have unlocked this achievement. All of the bathroom locations are right next to the pins.

Achievement: Three Hundred Big Boys

Now this achievement will take little while but luckily you don’t have to do it through one session if ya don’t want too. You must literally drink 100 cups of coffee which you can do so at the coffee maker.

Achievement: Like Mike

For this achievement you must collect the ball from on top of the locker and put it in the basket ball basket 25 times in one session. It’s very easy because you can literally just pick up the ball and keep dropping it into the basket ball hoop 25 times.

Achievement: Pity the April Fool

For this achievement simply open the medical kit in the back of the security checkpoint. That’s literally it…

Achievement: What a Gas!

To unlock this achievement you must not get Valerie to an exit. All you have to do is keep leading her around the facility and eventually the rising neurotoxin levels will kill her off. Once she dies from the gas you will unlock this achievement… how grim…

Achievement: You’ve Got A Friend in Me

For this achievement all you have to do is when she starts doubting you during this damn crisis is to literally try to tell her your “feelings” and by that I mean being nice to her and NOT blame her of be sarcastic during this very “serious” conversation. If you succeed in this the DJ will play a song about friendship and you’ll have unlocked this achievement! Here are some dialogue choices that got me this achievement.

Achievement: 3 Months Ago

For this achievement you have to quicky reroute the power for a second time before the alien kills Valerie. You’ll know you’ve done when you enter a flashback dating back to 3 months ago

Section 3 – Secrets!

The only secret I could find so far was when you revisit the past and go through a flashback 3 months ago when you first started working at the facility.

To see this secret for yourself you will have to walk down the hallway in the flash back and look at one of the couch’s for a keycard.

The Keycard

To see this secret for yourself you will have to walk down the hallway in the flash back and look at one of the couch’s for a keycard.

Specifically the keycard you see in the picture!

The Door

Once you find the keycard you will head down the hallway and start trying to drop your card on this doors scanner!

Once you door that door will open to a dark room full of symbols…


The Symbols

I do not know what they mean… that’s as far as I have gotten with the secret but they do repeat in this order.


Section 4 – Crossword Answers

Here are the answers you might have been waiting for…

First Page

Second Page

Final Page

Thanks to Prof.Nova for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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