Insurgency Sandstorm: J.R. 50 Achievement Guide

J.R. 50 achievement – in Dept guide.
This is the games rarest achievement, its not easy to get.
This guide goes through steps on how to get the achievement step by step and what to take into account to improve your odds.


How to improve the odds

Play Push
— Push is the only pvp mode where you can have a car.
— PVE doenst work as enemies will get out of the car as soon as they see you.
— In Push there is a car at 2 points in the game.
—- Attackers get a car in at the start when capturing A
—- Defenders get a car when defending the last point before the demolition point

Play breacher or Advisor.
— Get 3 Smoke grenades and a supressed assault rifle.

Be on the losing team as a defender.
This makes it easier to plant the car carefully.
This works best when youre the defender when defending the second final point.
You can get this achievement by being lucky anywhere in the game but this will improve the odds.

Obtain the car
If the car is in a hot zone, then this is where the smoke grenades come in, make it there, get the car and get out.

Plant the car in an ambush
Plant the car at a road that isnt taken often and take cover.
Dont make it the main road as we’re looking to ambush a lone wolf, not a squad.
If there is no cover use smoke to cover up you but not the car.
The car needs to be placed in a way that its easy for the enemy to get in and drive to the next point they need to get.
Basically we’re inviting them to take a nice quick drive to their destination.

Jump in the back when someone take the bait.
Use the local microphone to ask the person if you can be on the gun.
If they think you’re a friend they will stop the car for you preventing them from getting away.

SHOOT! But not too low.
You will be tempted to lower the gun as much as possible, but then you will miss the driver.
Shoot at the top of the car and slowly go down.

This achievement isnt easy to get, but hopefully this will make it a little easier for you.

Thanks to Jan for his great guide, all credit goes to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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