INFRA: “One Man is Not Enough” Achievement Guide

Already played INFRA several times? Just missing this last achievement, that you can only get by being really bad at the game? Don’t want to commit 10+ hours of your time just to get it? Want to go really behind the scenes? This guide is for you!



Ah, “One Man is Not Enough”, the ending achievement for being really bad at your job as a civil engineer on a site visit. Is it really worth doing another 10+ hour playthrough of the game, while intentionally ignoring the plot, for? I think not. So, here’s how to finally get that last achievement and 100% “Civil Engineer Simulator 2016”– er, INFRA.

Video walkthroughs more your thing? I did one of those, too!

This guide assumes you have played INFRA all the way through, and know where the level exits are.

You’re also gonna need to be familiar with Source Engine console commands, and to add


to the game’s launch options.

Act 1

infra_c1_m1 – Alcista Building

Open your phone and select “Skip Intro” to leave the office. We’re now going to set up some commands.

bind q "noclip"
sv_cheats 1
showtriggers 1
The key you bind “noclip” to doesn’t matter, but it needs to be a key you’re not already using, for movement or otherwise. Q is the most convenient in my opinion, assuming you’re using the default bindings.

Now… this one made me want some Osmo Olut for real during my recording session, as it’s apparently prone to crashing on level change if you don’t trigger the event flags properly. Nominally, you should only have to go downstairs, grab keys from reception, head to the garage, enter the car, and level done… but for safety’s sake, in my experience, you need to play the level how you would on a normal playthrough. Go upstairs, grab the stuff from Mark’s office, get stuck in the elevator, go to reception for your keys, and then go to the garage and get in the car. Don’t worry, it gets faster from here.

infra_c2_m1 – Hammer Valley

Get out of the car. From this point on, the name of the game is trigger_changelevel. The faster you get to them, the sooner you’ll get the achievement. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t activated in the normal FPS style of just running into them, they’re triggered by events. This is one example. Fly to the end of the map (this is why you bound a key to noclip earlier!), to the room on top of Hammer Valley Dam. The changelevel is activated by riding the elevator, so stick two fuses in the panel, flip the lever, and go down the elevator.

You probably also saw a bunch of transparent yellow boxes all along the way. These are triggers, and if you’ve ever done game dev of any kind, you know what they’re for. showtriggers 1 is a technically-debug(?) command in Source Engine to see where they are at runtime, but they also make it easier to see what we’re aiming for here. It doesn’t snow what trigger volume does what, though, but that’s not really important.

infra_c2_m2 – Hammer Valley Dam

Easy one. Fly out of the elevator and to the cave entrance. Changelevel’s inside. Note that you cannot trigger a changelevel, cutscene triggered or otherwise, if you’re noclipping.

infra_c2_m3 – Hammer Valley National Park

As before, just fly to the changelevel, in the entry way to the Bergmann Tunnels. Fortunately, most levels in the game are “just fly to the end”.

infra_c3_m1 – Bergmann Tunnels

Did you get the “???” achievement before? That’s where we’re going. Fly to the secret room behind Door B2, and use the door in there to trigger changelevel.

infra_ee_tunnel – Hallway

Spoopy. Turn on your flashlight and fly outside the hallway. Unlike normal Source Engine outside-of-map voids, this one is white with the flashlight on, pitch black if it’s off. With the light on, fly down the very long line of repeating rooms. A few cubes before the end, get back in bounds and exit noclip. Walk to the end, use the door, turn around… and get jumpscared by Mörkö.

infra_c3_m3 – Raft Ride

You wake up in a room, having skipped the Pine Fell Pumping Station completely. Fly over to where the raft is. Here’s… where it gets painful. Quicksave frequently, you MUST play the raft ride entirely legit. The changelevel is triggered by the raft making contact, NOT the player.

infra_c3_m4 – Bergmann Hydroelectric Power Plant

As soon as you’re in the next map, fly away and ditch the dumb raft. Changelevel’s in the usual place leading to Stalburg Steel.

infra_c4_m1 – Stalburg Steel

Like in c2_m1, the changelevel is an elevator. Unlike c2_m1, you can just fly to the elevator in the middle of the room that’s normally exploding, and get inside and activate it, no fuses to fling or levers to pull.

infra_c4_m2 – Stalburg Steel Tower

Get off the elevator, and fly to the end tunnel leading to the treatment plant. Easy.

infra_c5_m1 – Pitheath Water Treatment Plant

Fly to the end again.

infra_c5_m2 – Pitheath Sewage Canal

Fly to the end again.

infra_c5_m3 – Pitheath Sewer

Fly to the… nope. Like c1_m1, this map is apparently event-flag heavy, you gotta play it legit. In the final room, the buzzer won’t go off until you’ve looked at at least 3-5 of the sticky notes on the giant map of Jeff Walter’s shenanigans. Once the light begins flashing, press the button, watch the ceiling totally crush poor Mark, End of Act 1

(NB: Now that I know what actually triggers the buzzer, it’s possible you could maybe fly to the final room, read a few sticky notes, and finish the level? Haven’t tested it. If that doesn’t work, just play this level legit.)

Act 2

infra_c6_m1 – Hartman’s Hideout

Watch and listen to the somber music as Mark… very… slowly… gets… to… his… feet… and… stands… up. Then fly to the changelevel.

infra_c6_m2 – Pitheath Metro Station

It’s another one on rails! More literally, this time. Fly to the service train, switch the tracks, grab the keys, climb aboard, and ride. The changelevel only works properly if you’re on the train.

infra_c6_m3 – Metro Tunnels

Unlike the raft ride, you have to ride this entire one out until the intended end point… because, other than the train itself, the entire map has collision disabled for the duration of the train ride. I learned that one the hard way. As soon as you crash-land and realize Mark “should have seen that coming”, fly a bit to the exit.

infra_c6_m4 – Stalburg Central Waterplant

Who knew a level about trains would require them so much to exit levels? Go near the end, to where you get the minitrain. Go nearby to find a handwheel behind some pipes (in the video, I made a Real Civil Engineer mistake and called it a valve), enter the room with the sewer pipe nearby, and put it in. Turn the wheel and press the button to drain the sewer water from the exit area. Now go to the minitrain and ride it into the airlock.

infra_c6_m5 – Minitrain Tunnels

Ride the train? Nope. Just fly to the exit.

infra_c6_m6 – Central Metro Station

Fly to the exit.

infra_c7_m1 – Service Tunnels

Fly to the bunker entrance. This one is cutscene triggered, so go to the power room to turn the breaker on and get the unlock code. Go back to the entrance and put the code in to open the bunker door. Run inside and hit the button in the airlock to close the bunker door.

infra_c7_m2 – S.N.W. Bunker

Fly to the exit. Since you cannot crouch while noclipping, exit noclip in the ladder tunnel, crouch, and crawl to the changelevel.

infra_c7_m3 – West Stalburg Runoff System

Fly to the exit.

infra_c7_m4 – West Stalburg Runoff Cistern

This level has some big Mirror’s Edge energy, doesn’t it? But nah, just fly to the exit.

infra_c7_m5 – Coal Power Plant

Ah, another level where you have to follow the Plot. Fly to the control room, exit noclip, and pick up the radio and key card. Play the rest of the level as normal. Open the return valve, open the steam valves to 3000 rpm, sync generator, open all the valves, and pull the lever, Mark!

“Uh… Mark… you’re wearing a hard hat, right? I might have made a… tiny mistake.”


do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do dooooo…

End of Act 2

Act 3 up until the final level

infra_c8_m1 – Destroyed Coal Power Plant

Oop, we’re Late for a Meeting, but we gotta do something at the power plant first, we gotta save Robin! You can just fly to the area with the vent control room, unplug and re-plug the computer to tell Viewports 10 who’s the User around here, change the settings and hit the vent button. Wait for Robin to finish his thank-you dialogue before flying to the exit (you can fly there early, but he must finish all his lines for it to count).

infra_c8_m2 – Castle Rock Bay

Fly to the exit, it’s a bit hard to see in the cave without your flashlight though.

infra_c8_m3 – Castle Rock

Fly to the exit, past the generator room.

infra_c8_m4 – Castle Rock Drawbridge

Leave the gridlock grid-locked for all eternity and fly to the exit.

infra_c8_m5 – Point Elias

Again, fly to the exit.

infra_c8_m6 – Point Elias Metro Station


infra_c8_m7 – Flooded Alcista Building

We’re sadly ending the chain of fast maps here, as this one has to be done legit. Enter the garage, remark that we “missed a memo” about the swimming pool, and go upstairs. Sit through the entire long dialogue cutscene, grab the flashlight when prompted, and when Boss says we can go, finally head back to the parking garage to get in the car.

infra_c9_m1 – Turnip Rail Yard

This is why we had to save Robin in c8_m1. Quicksave here, for safety. Go up to the entrance to Turnip Hill, DO NOT GO INSIDE. Go to the doorbell panel and… ring the one that says “PERKELE”. …Then ring Rob’s doorbell. Wait for the conversation to finish COMPLETELY, the trigger box outside the door should vanish. Go inside the border checkpoint. Ring the bell and close the hatch. If things triggered properly, you should hear “Rob told me to let you in” within a few seconds. If you don’t, load the quicksave and try again, this part is a bit touchy.

infra_c9_m2 – Turnip Hill

Fly to the exit. Be careful exiting noclip in the displacement-built tunnel.

infra_c9_m3 – Turnip River

Fly to the exit.

infra_c9_m4 – Rosenthal’s Villa

Fly to the flooded tunnel, past the changelevel slightly, and exit noclip in the vertical space tall enough to stand in. Crouch and crawl to touch the trigger.

infra_c9_m5 – Boat Ride

Fly to the exit inside the building at the end of the flooded area.

infra_c10_m1 – Blackrock NPP

Fly to the room before the exit, but DO NOT ENTER THE CHANGELEVEL ZONE.


Open the game again, load your hard save, and enter the changelevel zone. If you do this without shutting down the game, the next level will load with the sv_cheats flag enabled, and achievements will be disabled. Enabling sv_cheats flags achievements to be turned off, for the entire game session. This is why you have to hard save and exit to desktop, to end the session.

infra_c10_m2 – Blackrock NPP Reactor 1, and infra_c11_ending_1 – Tenements

From this point on, you’re playing legit. Wade through the flooded hallway, and drop down to the generator room. Turn on the generators, then use the speed controls and synchroscopes to get them online. Exit the room, go down the hall, and enter the elevator.

It’s go time. “One Man is Not Enough” requires you to save the city and turn off the reactor. To do this, fix the pumps. The one closest to the elevator needs one fuse, a button, and a door key. The further away pump requires two fuses. Watch the video for part locations, but they’re all over the area, really. The key for Pump Room 1 is in the office upstairs. Put the fuses and button in, hit buttons, increase the pump speed just until the green light comes on. Go to the control room, and activate the reactor pool emergency fill.

That’s phase one done. Go to the elevator, it’ll take you below the reactor. Pay no attention to the door behind the crates, your document score is too low for that ending, on purpose. Quicksave, walk up to the blast door and be let inside. It’s a minigame! Use the control panel to move the rod thingy and push the control rods up into place. You’ll have to rotate the platform to get the thing to reach the row-of-three in the frontmost and backmost sections.

Once all the rods are in, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff– oh wait, no, thanks to the power of civil engineering! Go back to the elevator, up to the roof, and get in the helicopter. Watch the credits, if you like.

You wake up… in Turnip Hill. It turns out, Mark did such a bad job at documenting corruption and damage, that he was evicted and relocated to Open Sewer. Listen to the phone call, grab the remote and watch a bit of TV, then fade to black.

Achievement Unlocked!
One Man is Not Enough

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