In Stars And Time Guide: Maps, Achievements, Weapons, Accessories and ect.

Maps, and how to get all achievements, weapons, accessories, souvenirs, and memories



This guide is still a work in progress, but it will eventually fully detail all achievements, and how to get all equipment, souvenirs and (maybe) memories. The maps are very bare bones at the moment, but I hope that they’re functional, and I will most likely redo them later

I am currently in early/mid Act 3, so please be mindful of spoilers! I will update this guide over the next few days as I complete the game.

If anything is poorly phrased, confusing, misspelled, or I’ve missed something obvious, please let me know!


Maps are not to scale, and include spoilers from act 2

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3


Orange is a door that is unlocked with an open phrase
Red is a door that is unlocked with a key
Purple is a barrier of tears
Red ‘S’ is a sadness
Blue ‘X’ is someone frozen in time


Items that can be found in each room – minor spoilers for early/mid act 3. Includes things that only need to be picked up once and things that need to be collected every loop

Floor 1

Tonics Storage
Sour Tonic, Super Sour Tonic, Crafted Water, Ginger Juice, Pepper Juice, Thyme Juice
Bell Pendant

Death Corridor
Remember to disable the trap! (Middle right column)

Dining Room
2 Salty Broths, Crafted Water

Storage Room 1
Get open phrase (stosorageroomoom) from Derwent Shopkeeper after examining the door
Ginger Juice, Sweet Tonic, 2 Salty Broths

Crest Room
Fight a sadness for a Star Crest

Egg key
Ginger Juice, Pepper Juice, Thyme Juice, Super Sour Tonic

Crafted Water
Needle Sword, Sharpening stone

Bedroom A
Salty Broth, 2 Sour Tonics,
Opaque Glasses

Bedroom B
Broken Egg Key
Drawn Card, Pillow Hat

Floor 2

2 super sours tonics, sweet tonic
Garden Scissors

Head Housemaiden’s office
Rock Key

Corridor to Library
Bonding Earring

Paper Key
2 Sweet Tonics
Crumpled Poem, Heavy Book,

Secret Library
Adorable Moving Shield

Crying key
Super sweet tonic

Crest Room
Fight a sadness for a Star Crest

Storage Room 2
Get open phrase (openphrase123) from poem room on floor 3
Sweet tonic, 2 Salty Broths
Shiny piece of glass

Trap Room
Scissors Key
Carving Tools

You will need to loop to escape this room
Super sweet tonic
Broken Doll, Drop earring

Floor 3

Empty Key

Mirror Room
Smiling Key
Mirror Picture

Storage room 3
Pepper Juice
Massive Chain

Secret Room
Investigate the wall on the right side of Storage Room 3 to enter
5 Sweet Tonics, 3 Super Sweet Tonics, 3 Salty Broths, 3 Crafted Waters

Pottery Studio
2 Salty Broths, 2 Sweet Tonics
Papier-Mache Hands

Mirabelle’s Room
Pepper Juice, Thyme Juice, Ginger Juice

Locked as of Act 2

Body Craft room
Angry Key
2 Salty Broths, Pepper Juice, Thyme Juice, Ginger Juice

Crest Room
Fight a sadness for a Star Crest

Poem Room
You will need to loop to escape this room
2 Salty Broths
Open phrase (openphrase123)

You will need to loop to escape this room



Does not include starting equipment


Interact with the sink in the Kitchen

Needle Sword
Mounted on the wall in the forge

Garden Scissors
Interact with the cupboard in the garden

Heavy Book
Interact with the open book in the house’s library

Papier-mache hands
Interact with the shelf in the pottery studio

First Issue
Talk to the Castle-Loving One and find the last issue of the Cursing of Chateau Castle in the pottery studio. When you are able to tell them what happens, you will receive the first issue in return

After you first use the KeyKnife, talk to Loop about a way to use it again. Get the sharpening stone from the forge, and use it on the KeyKnife. Then examine the carving tools in the Trap Room on the second floor, and use the sharpening stone on the KeyKnife again


Opaque Glasses
Interact with the cupboard next to the door in bedroom A

Pillow hat
Interact with the right-side bed in bedroom B

Drop Earring
Investigate the empty bed in the infirmary

Stylish Bow
Talk to the Stylish One in Dormont, and tell Mirabelle that she has a fan. Later in the castle, investigate the left-most desk in the classroom. On a new loop, tell the Stylish One what Mirabelle thinks of her, and give the gift she gives you to Mirabelle

Starry Hat
Investigate the drawer next to the book behind the locked door on the third floor.




Memory of Self
Starting Memory

Memory of Keys
First time picking up a key after looping

Memory of Sadnesses
At some point, you will have an option to immediately attack the first sadness you encounter in the house when starting from Dormont

Memory of Ghosts
Complete (reloads dagger) house’s haunted

Memory of Touch
Complete Bad Touch

Memory of Fishing
Fish with the Fishing One every time you’re in Dormont

Memory of Barrels
Look into every barrel you come across in one loop

Memory of Pillars
Look at every pillar you come across in one loop

Memory of Looping
Complete Break a leg

Memory of Defeat
Complete Intermission

Memory of Victory
Complete Curtains!

Memory of Family
Complete In this moment…

Memory of Memories
Complete Act 3

Memory of Emptiness
Obtained in Act 5

Memory of A Journey
Obtained in Act 6

Memory of Bomb
Craft the bomb using the three bomb ingredients

Memory of KnifeKey
Obtain the KnifeKey


Memory of Mirabelle
Starting Memory

Memory of Butt Kicking
Reach the final snack break before the King

Memory of Change God
Complete But then who was phone???

Memory of Learning
Complete Teachable Moment

Memory of Faith
Complete Companion Quest

Memory of Lovely Moving Cure
Get Mirabelle to level 47

Memory of Shining Life
Get Mirabelle to level 50

Memory of Mega Sparkle Heal
Get Mirabelle to level 52


Memory of Isabeau
Starting Memory

Memory of Reflection
Reach the mirror on floor 3

Memory of Confession
Complete Wait for it…

Memory of Puns
Complete You’ve said this joke before

Memory of Stargazing
Complete Really? He doesn’t need your help with a quest?

Memory of SO WEAK!!!
Get Isabeau to level 46

Memory of BREAK, BREAK!!!
Get Isabeau to level 49

Memory of NOT OVER YET!!!
Get Isabeau to level 54


Memory of Odile
Starting Memory

Memory of Tonics
Obtained in Tonic Storage

Memory of First Strike
Complete So cute!

Memory of A Secret
Complete Kinda sus…

Memory of Secret Quest
Complete Fetch Quest

Memory of Paper α V
Get Odile to level 49

Memory of Craft Buff
Get Odile to level 53

Memory of Craft Break
Get Odile to level 55


Memory of Bonnie
Starting Memory

Memory of Snacks
Reach (one or all??) snack breaks

Memory of Safe Rooms
Complete What’s inside your hat, Bonnie?

Memory of Promise
Complete Stupid Rotten Adults

Memory of Training
Complete Tutorial Quest


Reminder Note
From Mirabelle!Friendship Doodle
Talk to the Drawing Kid in Dormont

Bright Flower
Talk to the Flower Growing One in Dormont – you can give this to your allies… or to the king in act 3

Four pointed leaf
Talk to the Sky-Loving Kid in Dormont, and tell them you are from the sky

Long Thingy-Thing
(Bomb Component) After you learn what word locks are, enter the building next to the Blind One in Dormont using the default open phrase (change)

Bell Pendant
Interact with the cupboard in tonics storage

Drawn Card
Interact with the cupboard in bedroom B

Crumpled Poem
Found in the house’s library

Bonding Earring
Examine the person looking for their partner on the second floor, check the bookshelf in the classroom, then examine them again on a separate loop. You can give it to the pottery teacher

Broken Doll
Examine the cupboard in the infirmary

Massive Chain
Found in Storage room 3

Mirror Picture
Interact with the mirror in the mirror room

Lumpy clay
Investigate the big lump on the table in the pottery studio

Short Gizmo-Gadget
(Bomb Component) Interact with Mirabelle’s roommate’s cupboard

Secret Ingredient
(Bomb Component) Investigate Mirabelle’s Roommate

Shiny piece of glass
Found in Storage room 2, but is only able to be picked up in Act 3

Sharpening Stone
Examine the metalworking equipment in the forge after talking to Loop about the KeyKnife


Many achievements are not possible to get until Act 4, I would not recommend achievement hunting until you reach that point

Welcome to the show
Finish getting ready

Break a leg
Die for the first time

Die against the King

Beat the king

Get to the end (Finish Act 2)

Talk to the King (Finish Act 3)

Learn more about the loops (Finish Act 4)

Your favourite play
Get to the end 5 times

Save Vaugarde

Aaaaaand SCENE!!!
Get to the credits

Loop 20 times

Loop 50 times

Loop 100 times – if you do not have Memory of Self equipped, you will sometimes skip multiple loops at once in Acts 3 and 4

Do a jackpot attack for the first time

Best idea you’ve ever had!
Eat the pineapple slices in the second snack break

What’s inside your hat, Bonnie?
Try all of Bonnie’s snacks

Did you see that?
See a ghost – happens randomly when you’ve gone through enough loops

(reloads dagger) house’s haunted
See three ghosts in a single loop – Ghosts are located in the hallway after the locked door on floor 1, right hallway from the entrance on floor 2, and the hallway before the shrine on floor 3. Save and reload if they aren’t there

Warning! Sharp
Use tears to loop a lot (about 20 times), then talk to Loop. Mention your dagger and keep pushing to use it

No thanks, stardust!
Show Loop a souvenir by looking at one next to the favor tree

Here’s some change
In Act 4, interact with the silver coin in your pockets

What was that about… ?
After getting Here’s some change, interact with the silver coin in front of Loop

Like talking to yourself
Complete What was that about… ?, and then during Act 6 return to Dormont and talk to Loop

Companion Quest
In Act 3, talk to Mirabelle and offer your help. In her bedroom look inside her bedside table, then in Dormont ask if she needs help choosing someone

Fetch Quest
In Act 3, after talking to Mirabelle, ask Odile if she needs help. In the secret library, inspect the check-out sheet, then ask if she needs help on a new loop in Dormont, and tell her the boulanger has a familytale

Tutorial Quest
In Act 3, after talking to Mirabelle, ask Bonnie if they need help. Get to the first snack break, and then on a new loop ask if they need help in Dormont. They will ask you questions about their favourite food. The answers in order are:

  • Rice
  • Pineapple
  • Samosas
  • Without cheese and with potatoes

Really? He doesn’t need your help with a quest?
After completing Companion Quest, Fetch Quest and Tutorial Quest in the same loop, talk to Isabeau

In this moment…
Hang out with everyone, and get to the end

…You are loved.
Hang out with everyone, and get to the end, thrice

Wait for it…
On loops where you do NOT hang out with everyone, talk to Isabeau last after defeating the king. You will have to do this five times.

So cute!
Investigate the open book in the third floor storage room, and agree with Isabeau and Mirabelle that Odile is cute

Stupid Rotten Adults
Investigate the book next to the bookshelves in the poem room, then investigate the books in the dining room. When you get to the second snack break, talk to Bonnie on two separate loops.

But then who was phone???
Return to the intact statue of the change god on the third floor after getting the KeyKnife, and then interact with the various broken statues throughout the house. Return once to the intact statue after getting the KeyKnife again.

Teachable Moment
On a loop where you’ve hung out with everyone, investigate the chalkboard in the classroom

Bad Touch
When talking to Isabeau in front of the favor tree after getting Wait for it…, you will get the option to wait for Isabeau to touch your shoulder, or a (…) option. Choose (…)

You’ve said this joke before
In Act 4, talk to Isabeau in Dormont and choose the (stay silent) option. You will need to loop and repeat this 3 times

Kinda sus…
During Act 4, behave extremely suspiciously throughout a loop – you get a sound effect every time you do so. Remember to investigate all the books about wish craft and time craft, then talk to Odile after defeating the king

Get every accessory

Get every weapon in the same loop – remember to sharpen the KnifeKey!

Behind the scenes
Get every chat with Loop – with thanks to Corland, here’s a list of chats[]and this guide by Floflosera fully details the condition for getting each chat if you want a more in depth look

Get everyone to their max level (75) in the same loop – use the memory of family from In this moment… to double xp gain

Head Empty
Get every memory

1000 ways to die
Die every way possible – To the king, to sadnesses, to tears, to the banana peel, to pineapple, to the rock (cutscenes don’t count), to your dagger

Thanks to FinchCollector for their excellent guide; all credit belongs to their effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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