Immortal Life: How to Raise Your Stats

More Divinity, more HP, more Stamina, more Stance… Your guide to personal improvement! In the very beginning… Chose +3 Divinity and +10 Hitpoints Check your Mailbox Yang and Mengqing will occasionally send you scrolls, letters, notes, whatever… that will directly improve your stats. So use them! Lingzhi Eat the Lingzhi (Fire, Water…). Right away. Build … Read more

Immortal Life: Gifting Guide

The Romance System hasn’t been implemented yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t preemptively max out the affections of our waifus and husbandos! This is what I have found during my playthrough. It is by far not complete so please leave a comment with any gifts I’ve missed and I will add it to the … Read more

Immortal Life: How to Fix Game Crash (Selecting “New Game”)

Immortal Life is a beautiful single-player management game where you play as a member of a cultivation sect. this is a solution for you to fix game crash when you select “New Game”.   How to Fix Game Crash when selecting “New Game” “Go to AppData/LocalLow/YiFang Studio/ImmortalLife If you have not run the game yet, you won’t have the following … Read more

Immortal Life: All Characters List (Names & Description)

Have trouble memorizing names and faces? I suffered first so you don’t have to! Here is a photo guide to all the characters in town, along with their names and a short description to help you remember them.   About This Guide Hi, everyone! I’m noeinan, your friendly world-hopping gay~ I am actually an indie … Read more