Immortal Life: How to Fix Game Crash (Selecting “New Game”)

Immortal Life is a beautiful single-player management game where you play as a member of a cultivation sect. this is a solution for you to fix game crash when you select “New Game”.


How to Fix Game Crash when selecting “New Game”

“Go to AppData/LocalLow/YiFang Studio/ImmortalLife
If you have not run the game yet, you won’t have the following folders.
Make MyImmortalLife in that location, then make SaveData in that location. The game will then work.”

it seems the game isn’t making the folders needed to save the save data since the addition of the save slots.

Note: This is a temporary solution, but it has fixed the issue for many people.

This Solution is originally created in the official discord and shared by Hex: I’m Baby in Steam Discussions.

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