Idle Spiral: Basic Gameplay to Start

Here is a guide on how to maximize efficiency/playtime for the new players.


How to improve efficiency

As you have already seen, the game is like most clicker/idlers, now there is a new gameplay feature basic feature right here, it’s not modelled as the other ones.

The lack simplicity of models may appear aggressive to many players and this is why I’ll cut it short and help you with the understanding of the game.

HOW TO READ THIS PICTURE (god I need to go back farming that spiral, let’s go quicker)

red circle : this is the r value, the one and only, it’s basically your ‘money

pink circle : Delta r (triangle r), it’s the value added to r per second (the speed of the spiral / aka : what you are upgrading all the time).

yellow circle : this is where you find your Omega prestige (w prestige), BIG NOTE : this is the way you’ll increase faster in r and Delta r value, you need to keep your eyes on the objective, constantly asking yourself ‘when can I go prestige ?’. As written in the game, you’ll lose every r and Delta r value (but for a way better and faster way to get r and Delta r values)
Keep in mind that you’ll need to Omega prestige every time you can (to keep that fast grind/farm going). SO NO NEED TO GO FULL 1M r value if your Omega is siting there at a value of 1. THINK MY BOI

black circle : this is basically all your upgrade panel that affects the basic formula of your Delta r functioning. Simple af to understand

which brings us to the pink square : this is the formula your Delta r is based on, cheers to y’all mathematics addicts, you don’t need to understand anything from there, it’s for the flexers.

Damn boi you still reading ?

blue square : this is the final formula of Delta r, it will change after upgrades and all, but same as pink square, if you’re not a flexer, you don’t need to understand sh*t ’bout this too.

red square : this is your Omega prestige, stop the cap and quit saying ‘w’ prestige, or I’ll call the FBI on you.

green circle : This is P and Delta p value, this is another type of prestige as I like to call it : the PPP, aka PP prestige, it’s basically another level of prestige where you lose Omega prestiger and Delta r values the same way as you did with the Omega prestige.

purple circle : this is the tornado prestige, it’s similar to other prestiges as you lose r, Delta r values and Omega prestige, but also erases your P value.

That’s the most you have to know little Jedi, so run, run and farm your spiral, increase your r to huge values and don’t lose track of your objective = Prestige.

As i’m writting this guide I forgot to increase my Omega Prestige, please, forgive me my bois… I have failed to show you the right way.


Update 03/05

As i started getting interest in the battle system, I can confirm that it’s hella STONKS.
I didn’t went really far in the strategy to maximise battles efficiency so keep in mind this part is gonna probably change after more grinding and is gonna be a really simple and not 100% correct strategy.

So first, let’s explain the basic knowledge about battle interface.

(As you can see and I repeat, I didn’t have time to really get fully into it)

This are the different enemies you guys can fight, each one getting stronger and stronger, and giving different buffs, either for your battle spiral, either for your main spiral.

Ok so this is your battle spiral, nothing hard to understand here, it has HP and many other stats.

Here is the battle reward system, it indicates what rewards you get once you kill a spiral.

In blue you can see the stat gain for your battle spiral

In purple your stat gain for your main spiral (which btw, never gets deleted, even when activating that Tornado prestige spinny boi)

Now let’s see what strategy I use even if it may not be the best, it’s probably a good start.

You’ll wanna focus on getting those attacks buffs, so get a good series of them by rerolling your battle. Let it farm, go grab a coffee and come back to see your spiral getting stronger and stronger. (At first you won’t have such rewards since you won’t have the exp to up it)

So you’ll use that exp you gained at first to level the 6th Upgrades, which makes the attack reward being up by 1
Once you got that dmg burst and one shot, you’ll go straight onto the next spiral named ‘Kappa’, you might wanna consider farming a bit of exp there since it can drop many exp rewards. And this is where you might wanna upgrade the 10 upgrade which gives +1 to the exp as a reward. And just as the first step, you continue doing this to really maximise your exp income.

Then you’ll need to continue upgrading stuff and reroll for the best rewards out there to continue to the next spiral etc…
That’s all I have for now, hoping I’ll get to understand more of it.


Spirals go spin, join us on Reddit:

Thanks to TheNoScope and Spaceydogey for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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