Idle Master Legend’s Travel Codes (December 2023): Free Rewards!

In Idle Master: Legend’s Travel, the timeless world of Pokémon is reinvented, offering you a unique idle gaming experience. This isn’t just a game about Pokémon; it’s a journey alongside them. As a new trainer, you can explore diverse landscapes, bond with your Pokémon, and help them grow stronger through various challenges and battles. This version 6.0 of the game promises a blend of nostalgia and innovation, perfect for both seasoned Pokémon enthusiasts and newcomers. Enhance your journey with exclusive codes designed to give you a head start in this captivating world.


Idle Master: Legend’s Travel Gift Codes for December 2023

These codes are your secret tools in the vast world of Pokémon, so redeem them quickly to enjoy their benefits as you travel and grow with your Pokémon.

Working Gift Codes:

  • Thanksgiving1123 (New!)

Expired Gift Codes:

  • No codes here

As you find solace in the world of Idle Master, remember countless other realms await, each with its own stories and mysteries, its own codes to decipher. These games offer a sanctuary for soul-seeking idle adventures and Pokémon companionship:


Guide for Codes Redemption

Redeeming your gift codes in Idle Master: Legend’s Travel is as simple as catching a Pokémon:

Step 1: Go to your Avatar in the game.

Step 2: Access ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Select ‘Redeem Codes’ and enter your code.

Step 4: Enter the codes above one-by-one.

This process will unlock special rewards, propelling you further in your quest to become a Pokémon master.



In Idle Master: Legend’s Travel, available on iOS, your adventure transcends battles and conquests. It’s an odyssey of the heart, a dance with the elements, a symphony with Pokémon at every step. Are you ready to take this path less traveled, where every step is a melody, and every Pokémon a companion in your tranquil yet exhilarating journey?

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