Iconoclasts: Controls Guide

This explains controls and lists all the button combinations. Please tell me if I missed anything.



Iconoclasts is played using nine buttons. The player can change these buttons by selecting settings on the title screen.

Robin’s gun simply shoots in her facing direction. When playing as Mina, her shotgun is aimed by pressing shoot, pressing the direction buttons, and pressing shoot again. Mina can also slide by pressing down and jump.

Button combinations

In addition to this table, several tweaks require button combinations to activate.

Hold Down
Hold Wrench
Spin the Wrench. This is required to turn gears and charge upgraded wrenches.
Hold Shoot
Load a shot that does more damage, instantly overheats the gun, and gains additional effects depending on the type of bullet. Robin can jump higher by shooting this shot downward while in mid-air.
Up + Wrench
Climb ladders faster.
Any Direction + Jump
Increase swimming speed and decrease maximum distance before running out of breath.
Down + Jump
Jump down if the player is on a thin platform. Kick downward and slide down slopes if Robin is in mid-air.
Down + Shoot
Shoot down, instead of Robin’s facing direction, if she is in mid-air.
Up + Shoot
Shoot up, instead of Robin’s facing direction.
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