I Am Sakuya Touhou FPS Game: All Secrets Guide

Here is a list of all secrets in I Am Sakuya: Touhou FPS Game.


Map01 (It Begins)

First secret is right next to spawn behind a waterfall It gives you a shotgun early
second secret is also nearby behind a yellow wall

Map02 (Kisume’s not here)

First secret is this balcony with hp kit
Second secret is right next to it
Free watch
Last secret is at the beginning of a mineshaft to your right
Another early shotgun

Map03 (Hong Meiling)

To the left side there is a hole that lets you get close to the mansion
Right infront of the mansion you will find knives, but be carefull as Meiling will start attacking as soon as you get too close

Map04 (Inside the SDM)

First secret is behind Remilia’s portrait
Second secret is in the end of room with yelllow key
Be carefull as 2 blue fairies waiting in ambush

Map05 (To the Library)

First secret is next to room with blue key
Second secret is hidden in the last room behind this wall

Map06 (Patchouli Knowledge)

To your left bihind a lamp there will be aditional hp kit

Map07 (Lots of Stairs)

There is no actual secrets on this map but there is a health kit behind left pillar in the second room
And message from mapper in the final room behind a window

Map08 (SDM Guest Area)

First secret is in room with blue key
Second one is in the third room after opening blue door behind the lamp
Last one is behind the red key

Map09 (To the top of the mansion)

Right behind you
Touching this wall will let you skip entire lvl

Map10 (Remilia Scarlet)

It has no secrets apart from some oob unfinished rooms

Thanks to Hlomida for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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