Human Fall Flat: New Copper World Achievements Guide

Text and video guide of the Copper World Achievements without spoiling too much of the level.   Copper World Achievements Guide Loose Change I did not make a video for this one since it is just throwing coins off of a map so I will instead post the location of the coin and the surround … Read more

Human Fall Flat: How to Find Mr. Snowy Mc. Snowman

Can you find Mr. Snowy Mc. Snowman? Let the search begin You can beat the new map Red Rock in about 20 minutes. All three special achievements are pretty easy to get, but there’s something you probably didn’t expect: The Snowman Mr. Snowy Mc. Snowman has entered the game. With that it is one thing … Read more

Human Fall Flat Achievements 100% (Red-Rock Map)

Guide to get all the achievements on the Red-Rock Map. Note: New Red-Rock map is now available on Steam.   Pipe dream Once you reach the junkjard don’t try to get the cogwheel. Just locate the sewer entry that is blocked with stones. Remove the stones and use shovel from the crane to lock onto … Read more

Human Fall Flat: Lumber Map Achievements Guide

All achievements for the newest map, however I believe most would be stuck on Lights Out.   Betwetter This one is super simple. In the first house, as soon as you spawn in, there’s a bed, which you take out the house, across the ravine with the two wooden planks and dump it into the … Read more

Human Fall Flat: Laboratory Guide (New Map & Achievements)

The most scientifically sophisticated level yet, Laboratory, has arrived in Human: Fall Flat. here is a simple guide for the new map and 4 new achievements in┬áLaboratory .   How to Get the 4 New Achievements Overachiever Overachiever Reach the exit door whilst holding an orb in the launch pad room A big thank you … Read more

Human Fall Flat: How to Draw More Precise Skins

I will be showing you guys today how to make more precise images/logos on your human   What you need A copy of Human: Fall Flat A file explorer A photo editor That’s it! Making the skin #1. Open your game #2. Choose what clothes you want to paint on #3. Paint on the piece … Read more