HROT: All Weapons

In this guide I’ll be explaining the weapons of HROT.   Sickle The only usable melee weapon in the game. Deals more damage than pistol and SMG but only works in point blank range (obviously). It can be seen as a final resort since it does not have an ammo problem, however I do not … Read more

HROT: All Enemies Names (1980s Czechoslovakia)

This guide covers all the monsters one can find in their adventure through 1980s Czechoslovakia.   Enemies name Some enemies have internal names: Smaskou = green soldier with gasmask Skapuci = blue soldier with hood and teleport ability Kejdovec = fat grenade boy Hornik = kamikadze boy (“hornik” means a miner) Pedro = small pink … Read more

HROT: 100% Achievements Guide

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game. Please read the note.   Video   Beef Stroganoff ENG This is a story achievement you won’t miss. You must complete 1 episode called “Kiss me Gustav”. Video to help. Two pistols ENG You will receive this achievement automatically when you search for secrets. Video to help. … Read more