HROT: 100% Achievements Guide

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game. Please read the note.




Beef Stroganoff

ENG This is a story achievement you won’t miss. You must complete 1 episode called “Kiss me Gustav”. Video to help.

Two pistols

ENG You will receive this achievement automatically when you search for secrets. Video to help. Time 10:09


ENG At level 2, after you kill the boss. Climb the swan.


ENG Just find all the secrets on any of the levels. Video to help.

Secret of Vyšehrad

ENG This achievement can be obtained at level 6, episode 1. Video to help. Time 35:35

Where is Gottwald?

ENG This achievement can be obtained at level 8, episode 1. Smash what is shown in the screenshot.

Still live

ENG Just move the date on the computer 10 years forward and start the game.


ENG You need to kill 10 enemies on a motorcycle. Can be done at level 2, episode 1.


ENG The soccer ball needs to hit the enemy. This achievement can be done at level 4, episode 1.

Endless Mode

ENG There is nothing complicated here. You just have to go through 5 and 10 waves in Endless Mode.

Keep clean
RUS Скоро
ENG Soon

RUS Скоро
ENG Soon

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