Hot Lava: All Buddy Locations (Exo-Clash Update)

This guide is to help newer players from enduring the hell of finding Buddy in all 7 levels that have them. Let me know if any instructions are unclear. Sorry for the odd FOV.


Gym Class

When you spawn in, stand on the box in the door of the room you spawn in. Then, turn make two lefts. You should be in the room with a course title “All course marathon”. Go to the back right corner. Buddy should be there!


When you are facing away from the level “Big Kids Side”, head into the right gate and walk forward until you hit some playground equipment. Jump up and Buddy should be there!


When you spawn, turn right and walk all the way into the doors. Then, turn right and walk until you are in a room with blue light. Buddy should be on a box in the far right corner.


When you are facing away from the level “Meat Market”, walk forward until you pass a trash can. Turn around 30* to the left and walk forward again. Buddy is there!


From “Chase The Meaning”, walk forward and then to the left until you hit the furnished part of the basement. Buddy is on the armchair!

Rocco’s Arcade

Alright, this one is a little more tricky, and it is easier with Vault Jump. From “Rocco’s Rumpus Room”, vault onto the basketball machines. Then, you can vault onto the lower portion of the girder. There he is! Buddy will be sitting there, unless you got lucky and you kicked him off, in which case he will be on the floor under then girder.

Gat HQ

Turn 30* to the left. There he is! Not sure why you need a guide for this one, but I promised every buddy location.

Thanks to ArcticCN for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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