High On Life: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in High On Life.   Story (Unmissable) 16/32 Bring A Knife to a Gun Fight Obtain Knifey. First Bounty Down Defeat 9-Torg. Satisfied Gus-tomer Obtain Gus. Sweezy Like Sunday Morning Obtain Sweezy. G3 Graduation Defeat Douglas. Cold-Blooded Driller Defeat Krubis. Are You Packin’? Obtain the Jetpack. … Read more

High On Life: How to Get Infinite Warp Crystals

I don’t know if this’ll get fixed later on but you can get Infinite Warp Crystals right now.   How to get the Warp Crystals. You need Knifey for this guide, First you need to go to your house and head to the portal. Warp to this exact location (Zephyr Paradise -> Upper Valley). you’ll … Read more