High On Life: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in High On Life.


Story (Unmissable) 16/32

Bring A Knife to a Gun Fight
Obtain Knifey.

First Bounty Down
Defeat 9-Torg.

Satisfied Gus-tomer
Obtain Gus.

Sweezy Like Sunday Morning
Obtain Sweezy.

G3 Graduation
Defeat Douglas.

Cold-Blooded Driller
Defeat Krubis.

Are You Packin’?
Obtain the Jetpack.

Creature Feature
Obtain Creature.


We’re All Very Impressed, Trust Me
Juggle an enemy in the air with at least 5 shots.

Eye Scream, You Scream
Pop 20 Grunt eyeballs.

Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This
Kill Slumsley.

Missable [Easy] 8/36

We’re All Very Impressed, Trust Me
Juggle an enemy in the air with at least 5 shots.
Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds
Take Knifey’s advice and stab Gene in the gut.
Eye Scream, You Scream
Pop 20 Grunt eyeballs.
Fallout Doesn’t Let You Do This
Kill Slumsley.
We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie In Here
Discover the movie theater.
Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood
Pay your bill at Applebee’s.
Gunning For Your Job
Use Sweezy to boss around the Office Moplets.
Playing Favorites
Sacrifice a Gatlian other than Kenny during the fight against Garmantous.

Guided [Complete]

Carried Stan’s Load To Completion
Complete the game with Stan’s product in your inventory.
=> Stan can be found in Blim City, near the restaurants (On the right side as you walk out of your house, down the street). He is the guy who sells you alien *Ejaculate. It will stay in your inventory till you finish the game.Sequel-Bait
Discover Dr. Gurgul’as hideout in the Human Haven.

=> When you upto the Battle with Garmantuous, return to Mayors office and grab a keycard on top of his desk. Then portal to Human Haven and jetpack up till you find a door.

Epic Legendary Prize
Sit through the entirety of the really annoying countdown show on TV.

=> After you finish the game, press continue and wait till the tv show finishes ~10min

A Starfish is Born

Watch Globo’s rise to fame.

=> Towards the start of the game, immediately to the right of where you first find Gene, there will be two people, go to Pawn shop buy a drum for him… Late game when you to Blim City there will be sign in their place, head towards the food court to the left and watch him on the Tv screens.

Mods Please Ban
Unlock every post in the Bounty Hunter forums.

=> Pretty easy, but you may have to go back and do a few sections. It tells you what you need to do/where to go. Most are unlocked from kills and completely discovering an area.

Playing Card To Get [Complete]

Playing Card To Get
Collect every trading card in the game.

– If you open all the Luglox chests you will get all apart from 2. The last two are located in the Pawn shop in Blim City.

*Some people are reporting this achievement as buggy/glitchy.

Trash Bag Babies
1) Luglox #32 (Zephyr – Upper Valley)
2) Luglox #16 (Zephyr – Overlook)
3) Luglox #5 (Zephyr – Upper Valley)
4) Luglox #20 (Zephyr – Upper Valley)
5) Luglox #6 (Outskirts of Port Terrene)
6) Luglox #26 (Old Town)
7) Luglox #3 (Dreg Town)
8) Luglox #13 (Dreg Town)
9) Luglox #21 (Dreg Town)

Beyond the Stars
1) Luglox #31 (Zephyr – Upper Valley)
2) Luglox #4 (Zephyr – Jungle Clearing)
3) Luglox #27 (Zephyr – Jungle Clearing)
4) Luglox #23 (Zephyr – Jungle Clearing)
5) Luglox #20 (Zephyr – Jungle Clearing)
6) Luglox #24 (Shanty Town/Slums)
7) Luglox #25 (Zephyr – Overlook)
8) Luglox #19 (Zephyr – Overlook)
9) Luglox #34 (Zephyr – Overlook)

Goofy Gifts
1) Luglox #5 (Old Town)
2) Luglox #20 (Old Town)
3) Luglox #7 (Nipulon)
4) Luglox #17 (Old Town)
5) Luglox #2 (Nipulon)
6) Luglox #26 (Dreg Town)
7) Luglox #36 (Dreg Town)
8) Pawn Shop (Blim City)
9) Pawn Shop (Blim City)

Luglox Genocide

Luglox Genocide
Find and open every Luglox chest.

All Locations
(15/15) – Blim City
(26/26) – Shanty Town
(34/34) – Zephyr (Deep Jungle)
(32/32) – Zephyr (Upper Valley/Mine)
(28/28) – Zephyr (Jungle Clearing/Skrendel Labs)
(16/16) – Outskirts of Port Terrane
(27/27) – Old Town
(36/36) – Dreg Town
(8/8) – Nipulon
(5/5) – Other/Remaining


Blim City [15/15]

Shanty Town [26/26]
Zephyr (Jungle Overlook)

Zephyr (Upper Valley)

Zephyr (Jungle Clearing) [28/28]

Outskirts – Port Terrane [16/16]

Old Town [27/27]

Dreg Town [36/36]

Nipulon [8/8]

Other/Remaining [5/5]

Seeing All The Sights [Complete]

Seeing All The Sights
Unlock and explore every collectable warp base.

You should naturally have enough crystals from normal gameplay.

1. Quiet Cottage
2. Cutie Town
3. Movie Thearter
4. Toilet Warp
5. Skate Park Warp
6. Trolley Tracks

All can be purchased from Blorto’s in the Middle of Blim City. Then just portal to the nearest warp spot, there is one in Zephyr => Upper Valley (There are 4 Luglox Chests between Skate Park and Quiet Cottage Ps).

Thanks to Raxrr for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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