Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Allies Guide V1.0 (WIP)

The guide for Allies.
This will record the Allies Stats, traits, equipment, moves, Recruitment, and Quest-lines
The baseline for stats will be on Nightmare Mode and on Day 1-5 for no Scaling.

Currently a Work In Progress along with my Compendium Guide.


Nameless Village

Recruit All 6 at once for an achievement

These characters are accessible at the start of the game and are generally pretty weak

Hua Siniang is the best of the bunch due to her Food Trait

Hua Siniang – Innkeeper

Unique Traits
  • Little Housewife: While in the Party, Gain Food based on Relation (Same color) at 6. Once bonded gain one more food at 18
  • Gentle Care: Allies within 2 Squares take 10% Less Damage
  • Icy Glare: Enemies within 2 Squares take 10% More Damage
  • Accountant: -10% Mp Costs, -10% Equip Requirements
Potential Post Quest Trait

Overcoming Hardship: +3 Luck, +1 Dex, +1 Int
Ball buster: +100% Crit When attacking Common/Mob Male Enemies

Marriage Trait

Warm and Comfort: Recover 30 Stamina and 20 Mood per Day

Marriage Skill

Endearing Wait

  • 1500 Power
  • 200 Spirit
  • Range: 4 Spaces of MC
  • Effect: Siniang and MC gain +50% Accuracy; +25% Critical Damage; Lasts 2 Turns
Ultimate move

Cloud Piercing Chopstick:

  • 400 Power
  • 100 Spirit
  • Range: 5×1 Line
  • Break Defense: Damage +10% Enemy Max HP
  • 100 Cooking
  1. Enter Inn around during the Day
  2. Deal with Ruffian:
    • Pay 500 Coins – Lose 500 Coins; +5 Wisdom
    • Fight him off (Group Battle with Guest Hua Siniang) – +2 Courage
    • Step aside – -30 Relation Hua Siniang; -6 Relation Nameless Village
  3. Leave and Enter Inn.
  4. Return at Zhi to Shou (Midnight to 5 AM)
  5. Group Battle With Guest Hua Siniang
  6. Hua Sinnang will Join your team
  7. Get Amateur Strike (Rare Fist Manual)
  8. Start Hua Siniang’s Quest line
Other Events
  1. First Meeting at the Inn
    • Pay for Room: Standard Hotel interaction
    • Insist on stay for free – Fight Hua Siniang
      • Win – Free Room for 1 Night; Inn Price increases to 500, -30 Relation Hua Siniang; -6 Relation Nameless Village
      • Lose – Get Kicked out; -30 Relation Hua Siniang; -6 Relation Nameless Village
    • Never mind: end event
  2. Ye Yinping’s Lunch
    • Pay for her (500 Coins) – Gain Nameless accessory (Lotus Gem Accessory) Need Level 4 Appraise Accessory.
    • Ignore – Hua Siniang will have the Lotus Gem Accessory in her inventory for Trade
  3. Dowry (60+ Relation)
    • Pay 10k Coins – Get Exorcist Gem (Epic Accessory)
    • Pay 5k Coins (3 Merchantile) Get Exorcist Gem (Epic Accessory); -5 Relation Hua Siniang
    • Pawn it off – End event, do not get accessory
    • Want to buy but too poor – Event Continues, can buy later
Quest Line

Hua Siniang Needs to be in the Party for all events

  1. Optional: Go to Lin’an City, get Underground Arena location from Waiter or Performer
  2. Optional: Win Underground Arena Tournament
  3. Go to Daliang City, talk to Waiter (Cost 10 Scrap Silver) in Hotel.
  4. Go to Casino, win fight or win Gamble minigame
  5. Bring Hua to General Kang’s Mansion in Lin’an City. Talk to Clerk in Left Backroom
  6. Group Battle. If you are Married to Lady Fu Qing (Duke Kang’s Sister) Skip this battle and go to Alternate Resolution
  7. Resolutions:
    • Let Duke Kang decide:
      • +15 Relation with Duke Kang and +7 with his Faction,
      • Hua Gains unique trait Overcoming Hardship (+3 Luck, +1 Dex, +1 Int)
    • Let Hua decide:
      • -40 Relation with Duke Kang and -20 with his Faction,
      • Hua Gains unique trait Overcoming Hardship (+3 Luck, +1 Dex, +1 Int)
      • When attacking Common/Mob Male Enemies, +100% Crit
    • Spare Him:
      • Gain Unique Ultimate Skill Cloud Piercing Chopstick (Weak but Low Spirit Cost).
      • -40 Relation with Duke Kang and -20 with his Faction
  8. Alternate Resolution:
    • If you are married to Fu Qing, you will fight a duel against the Clerk (1v1) and kill him.
    • Hua Siniang Gains Unique Trait Overcoming Hardship (+3 Luck, +1 Dex, +1 Int)

Doctor with White Hair – Doctor

Unique Traits
  • Street Doctor: Always have the Heal Action, Reduce the Effects of: Poison, Internal Injury, Sealed, Bleeding, and Blind by half
  • Long Illness: Upper Limit of Medical is raised to 350
  • Self-healing Doctor: Recover 5% of HP and MP after winning a battle
  • 100 Herb Gathering
  1. Optional: First Meeting –
    • Medical – +5 Medical
    • Herbs – +1 Sickle and Gather Herb Tutorial
  2. Find a Lingzhi in the forest (there are 2)
  3. Give the Doctor the Lingzhi
  4. Gain Breathing Method
  5. Gain +5 Medical Book and +5 Toxicology Book on Recruitment
Quest line
  • Take him to Herbology Sect. Have him learn from Qu Wangyou

Needed for Homestead Building: Pharmacy

Wang Dachui – Blacksmith

Unique Traits


Post Quest Traits
  • Valiant – +15% Damage
Ultimate Move


  • 400 Power
  • 100 Spirit
  • Range: 4 Square Fan
  • +10 Internal Injury
  • Break Defense: +10% Enemy Max Hp Damage; +20 Internal Injury
  • 100 Craft Weapon
  1. Optional First Meeting: Blacksmith Apprentice (Gain Green Weapon Recipes)
  2. Give him 8 Iron Ore – Get Protection Armor (Green Armor)
  3. Pay 2k Coins or Recruit Hua Siniang
  4. Gain Green Gathering Tools Recipe
Quest line
  • Meet Ou Ye Heng asking Wang to rejoin Langya
  • Recruit Wang
  • Accept Ou Ye Heng’s invitation
  • Gain Valiant Trait
  • Needed for Homestead Building: Workshop
  • You need to Recruit Him for the Join Langya Sword Pavilion Quest

Liu Shiba – Hunter

Unique Traits
  • Wild Hunter: +50% damage to Animals
  • Walker: +1 Movement Range in Battle
  • Trash Sweeper: +15 Long Stat
Ultimate Move

Summon Hound

  • 50 Spirit
  • Summons 1 Hound within 3×3 range in front
  • Note: you can have as many dogs as you can summon
  • 100 Beast Taming
  1. First Meeting in Lost Forest – Fight Boars
  2. Bow Repair – Give Blacksmith Dog Meat (Do not kill the Dog, buy from butcher) or recruit Blacksmith Wang Dachui
  3. Gain Beast Taming Trident
  4. Give Liu Shiba Sweet Potato Wine (Buy from Hua Siniang) at Night
  5. Find a Lingzhi in the forest (there are 2)
  6. Give Liu Shiba Lingzhi
Quest line
  • Take him to Blue Wind Camp
  • Gain new Ultimate
  • If you kill his Dog, he will attack you
  • He is Kong Yidao’s acquaintance

Bao Dating – Gossip/guide

Unique Traits:
  • Sharp Tongue: While Persuade is below Level 3, +1 Persuade Level
  • Back Away: +1 Movement Range in Combat
  • Fist User: +15 Fist
  • Rumor Listener: +5% Kill Exp
  • 100 Persuade
  • Raise Relation to 40+
  • Get Keepsake from Hua Siniang (40 Relation)OR recruit Hua Siniang
  • Gain Scoundrel Fist book on Recruitment
Quest Line


  • He will leave if you marry/Bond with Hua Siniang
  • Talking to him will give you the locations of:
    • Bandit Camp
    • Cross Hill
    • Linlang Temple

Hong Xiaoqi – Beggar

Unique Traits
  • Sleight of Hand: 15% chance to steal up to 50 Coins on attack
  • Quick Reflex: +5 Action Speed
  • Short Stature: +5 Evasion
Ultimate Move

Throw Quicklime

  • 220 Power
  • 50 Spirit
  • Range: 4 Square Fan
  • +10 Blind
  • Break Defense: +5% Enemy Max Hp damage; +20 Blind
  • 100 Steal


  1. Have 500 Coins, and go to the entrance of Nameless Village. He will steal 500 Coins
    • Take Plaster – get Dog-skin Plaster (Blue Accessory)
    • Treating me like a beggar? – -5 Benevolence, +5 Courage
    • Forget it – +5 Benevolence
  2. Confront Him (Wanders near between Inn and Shack). NOTE: if you wait too long (1+ Days) you will not get your Money back and the Village will get angry if you have low Relations with everyone
  3. Fight Him (Solo Battle)
    • Get your Money Back – Gain 500 Coins
    • Let him keep the money – Gain Beggar Staff (Rare Staff Manual)
  4. Raise Relation to 60+
  5. Cooking option
    • Cook yourself (Cooking Level 1+) – Gain Potato Recipe, -5 Relation Hua Siniang
    • Buy from Hua Siniang (Buy out her stock)
Quest Line
  • At Fame 4, Nine Factions Events start
  • Daliang City – Take Hong to meet the Ferocious Beggar in front of the Inn
  • Win the Fight
Langya Sword Pavilion
1 Sect Leader
2 Solid Recruits

Jian Chi – Langya Sect Leader


Unique Traits

Determined: Immune to Charm
Arbitrarily: Learn any Manual, Use any weapon, Use any External Skill.
Life or Death: First Attack of the Battle is guaranteed hit and will trigger Combo and Critical
Sword Qi Explosion: +10 Spirit when triggering Critical, Evasion, or Parry in battle

Ultimate Move
Ten Thousand Swords (Same as the one you can get)
1000 Power
200 Spirit
Range: 4 Square radius around Self
Break Defense: +20% Enemy Max Hp Damage; For every 3 Sword > Enemy Sword, inflcit +1 Bleed

Thanks to darkshintos for their great guide, all credit to their effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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