Heretic’s Fork: How to Beat the Endless Mode and Get the Big Playa Achievement

You know the flesh is weak and your towers stand on foundations of salt and sand when faced with sinners buffed with 1043094720243756354023 HP. Fret not though, in my unbridled ambition and infinite wisdom I shall bless thee with the limitless potential of ACTIVE abilities to punish sinners for eternity, or at least until you end your shift.

This will also help with the achievement Big Playa, which requires you to punish 20,000 sinners in a single run, not like the 200,000 and myself in my original run since I did not know how the scoring worked and thought 1 punished sinner = 1 point.


Setting up

Obviously, we want strong foundations for a strong build and the selectable grandma Niya Biblyat has her extra draw and +2 power charges creating a starting hand with the potential to get a purple tower/garrison on the first turn.Personally, the unholy MG, judgement and Gravitational push are ideal but whatever build of consistent dps, burst dps and crowd control should be fine though only unholy damage receives critical bonuses and judgement works extremely well with Gravitational push.

Since Grandma will be dying of old age with every extra draw, both Blood Clot and Blessing of Protection will provide the extra bit of survival we need and give a bit of synergy to cards that require shield. Similarly Struggle will give more CC and active abilities that deal damage will be helpful later since at any point in the game a purple Invigaron or Butcher of Sins is presented we will need them for the core of this build.

Building for damage and other tower aspects should be secondary to these things, but relevant enough to invest in at least a small amount. I specifically built for crit and a small amount of atk/projectile speed.

Butcher of Sins and the build

Butcher of Sins sets all enemies HP to 1, the drawback however is the cool down time of something like 60s which will turn plenty of people away. In endless mode the enemy hp starts going up to some funny numbers so this active ability is pretty much a necessity for a ‘very’ long run. Combine enough invigarons through duplicating, deck searching and just normal collecting (with luck) and the active abilities can effectively carry your game without any towers or garrisons.

With the little cc from our setup, Butcher of Sins will consistently have enough time to wipe a map and effectively make your endless run, ‘endless’.

Thanks to MegaChad for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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