Helltaker: All 10 Achievements Guide for EX Level

It will showcase all 10 achievements and will include strategies for the mission’s EX   How to get the all-points and the exit strategy For the record, my English is not very good. Please forgive me This is the first time I’ve ever published a strategy, so please forgive me if it’s bad Complete Accomplishment: … Read more

Helltaker: All Puzzles Solution (Examtaker Update)

Here is the solution for all puzzles in the new Examtaker update patch. if you are stuck on any level, you can check out the solution below.   Solution for Phase 1 Right Right Up Right Up Right Up Up Up Left Left Up Up Up Left Up Up Right Right Up Right → → … Read more

Helltaker: Examtaker Boss FIght Guide

Here are some GIFs for you on how to beat Examtaker boss in the Helltaker game.   How to Beat Examtaker Boss Phase 7-1 You can easily evade those spikes in the first phase. Watch out for those lasers, and that robotic demon’s. Phase 7-2 Go to the right-up corner, evade that incoming spike by … Read more