Helltaker: Examtaker Boss FIght Guide

Here are some GIFs for you on how to beat Examtaker boss in the Helltaker game.


How to Beat Examtaker Boss

Phase 7-1

You can easily evade those spikes in the first phase.
Watch out for those lasers, and that robotic demon’s.

Phase 7-2

Go to the right-up corner, evade that incoming spike by moving up.
Stand on the position just like that gif, and remember this step.
“Up Down Up, Down Down Up.”

After this sequence done, demons starts to fire rockets against you.
Stand on the position just like that gif, and don’t panic.
You can evade those by simply moving one block per rocket shot.
“Left Down Left Up Left, —->”

Phase 7-3

Move to the right-top corner, quickly step to the end of the left side.
Down for evading that rocket, and move to the top.
Go center of the room, and evade lasers, “Down, Up, Down”

Rocket Paradise with lasers, but it’s simple.
Stand right next to the first impact zone, and go through in it.
After that, just moving up & down for evading lasers.
Finally, moving 2~3 blocks to the right and come back.

Go up and down for evading those lasers.

after that bastard’s attack is done, go kick that face.

You can also watch the video guide from Youtube:
Tanks forĀ Coolish Codfish to make these GIFs
This boss is not very hard for you, just follow these steps above. if you are stuck in the game. please let me know.

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