Hello Goodboy: 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide I’ll explain how to get all the achievements, Spoiler Alert!



Welcome to my achievement guide for Hello Goodboy.

Hello Goodboy is an adventure game, without challenging achievements but you will have to kinda play through the game 3,5 times. In each playthrough, you can visit 2 of the 4 areas and since you have to choose both options at the end of an area for an achievement, you’ll have to play through each area twice. Happily, there is an option for the second run to jump instantly to the end of that area, but since you might have to work on some other achievements you didn’t unlock yet, this might not be the best choice.

I would highly recommend first play through the game twice (so you have done each area) and fixing everything that is broken. That way this guide won’t spoil the story.

Have fun with Hello Goodboy!

Story-related achievements

The following achievements are unlocked upon making a choice at the end of each area. You’ll have to play through the game 3,5 times to unlock all those achievements (In the last run you don’t have to fight the end boss if you managed to unlock all the other achievements as well). Once you’ve played through an area and come back to it through continu+ on the main menu, you can choose to directly jump to the moment where you have to make the choice. Check out if you have all the other achievements that you should already have to see if this is useful or not. I used this option only once.


Dad’s Tasty Noodle
Spend time and eat lunch with Brua

Dream Comes True
Get a friend for Brua and a hug for Porcupine


Martabak by The Lake
Choose Hedera’s side and spend time by the lake

Martabak in The Forest
Choose Hachi’s side and spend time in the forest


Satay for Dinner
Spend time and eat satay with Ozzela

Campfire Conversation
Find and return Ozzela’s whetstone


Soup for The Soul
Spend time and eat soto with Margaret

Family Memories
Unfreeze Panda by bringing her a bowl of soto

Other Achievements

Good Boy
Do every good deed and get maximum amount of joypiece
You’ll have to help everybody you meet along the way and repair all the broken objects you encounter.

Hello Goodbye
Experience the ending of the Iko’s journey
Can’t be missed as you’ll get this after playing through 2 areas and fought the end boss.

Master Repairer
Repair all of the broken things in Kuruto
For this achievement, you have to repair every broken object in all 4 seasons.

Good Boy Gone Bad
Refuse to do every good deed and get minimal amount of joypiece
Don’t repair anything and only help the person at the end of a season. I would recommend doing this in you’re third or fourth playthrough.

Fowl Family
Help Hen & Goose
You’ll find them in each season. Help them in all seasons to get this achievement.

Good Goodbye
Experience the true ending of Iko’s journey
You’ll unlock this achievement after having played through each season at least once.

Everyone’s Fine
Experience all of the season arc endings
You’ll unlock this after you’ve unlocked all the achievements related to story choices.

Thanks to missiloon for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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