Hell Let Loose: How to Fix Blurry or Pixelated Graphics Issue (May 2022 New Solution)

This guide describes a possible fix for blurry or pixelated graphics. If you have an issue where objects at a distance are highly pixelated, as if the resolution has be lowered, then this guide should help you.



Does your game appears really blurry? as if it’s running at a resolution below the resolution of your screen, then it probably is. Even if you set the screen resolution to 100% in the video settings in game, it still runs at a lower resolution.

Due to this, everything at a distance will appear to be blurred, pixelated and it looks as if anti aliasing is turned off.

How to Fix Blurry or Pixelated Graphics Issue

In order to fix that, you need to go to C:>Users>(your name)>AppData>Local>HLL>Saved>Config>WindowsNoEditor.

Here, open the .ini file named “GameUserSettings”, in there you will find these lines –

The numbers after the “=” sign will be below the native resolution of your screen.

To fix the problem, put the resolution of your monitor after the “=” sign. For example, I use a 1080p monitor so for me it’ll be like this –

Do this and the game looks perfect. Also there are some other options like DesiredScreenWidth=1920



I don’t know if this is necessary but I put my screen resolution in them as well.

Thanks to Agent0029 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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