Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Mega Mix+: Modding Guide (How to Unlock Refresh Rate and Custom Songs)

A guide to mod Project Diva MegaMix+

This guide will help you mod your game and allow you to use mods like HighRefreshRate and custom songs.

I recommend joining the Project Diva modding discord server [discord.gg] for the latest updates and new mods


This guide will help you mod your game

It’s only been a couple days since the game released and there are already quite a few mods available, thanks to the hard work of our small but passionate community!

I do recommend joining the Project Diva modding discord server[discord.gg] for the latest updates and new mod releases

It’s already pretty easy to mod your game. You can use SpecialK (I think) or the DivaModLoader used in this guide.

In this guide I will show you how to install the modloader and the High Refresh Rate mod

There are only 3 steps:

  1. Locating your game’s directory
  2. Installing the modloader
  3. Installing mods/songs

Step 1: Locating your game’s directory

This is easy.

  • Go to your steam library
  • Right-click the game
  • Select manage -> browse local files

Step 2: Installing the modloader

Install the modloader made by Skyth. [github.com]
You can find the latest one in #tools channel in the discord server.
Here [cdn.discordapp.com] is the latest one as of today.

Open the zip archive with 7-zip/winrar/windows explorer and copy all the files into your game’s directory (Step 1).
Your game directory should look like this:

Step 3: Let the modding begin!

To install mods you need to drag them into your game’s “mods” directory as a FOLDER, not as an archive, it will not work.

Here [drive.google.com] is the “High Refresh Rate support” plugin by M&M

The folder structure should look like this: \Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Mega Mix Plus\mods\High Refresh Rate\

Alongside High Refresh Rate, I installed Restore Cut Songs mod.

Optional: configure the mod

To configure the frame limit, open config.toml in the High Refresh Rate folder with a text editor like notepad and edit these values (you probably know what you’re doing):
‘vsync = true
framerate = 120’

This mod, as well as other mods, can be found in the discord server.

You can also put custom songs in the mods folder, such as some songs that were cut from this game (ievan polkka, white dove,…)
Unfortunately, I cannot share those here, you’ll have to join the discord server to download them.

Thanks to Quinten for his great guide, all credit go to the mods original creators. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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