Hardspace Shipbreaker: How to Skip Hab Dialogue with CE

Are you tired of hearing the same dialogue over and over again from Early Access, or do you just hate Hal and Lou, or maybe none of this matters to you and you just want to get back to cutting. Well I’ve got a relatively quick and simple solution for you.   Important Notice This … Read more

Hardspace Shipbreaker: Salvaging “Fish Heads” (Mackerel)

They are difficult to salvage because of the composition of materials. The interior panels are made of aluminum(Furnace) while the frame and outer panel are made of Nanocarbon(processor). To salvage it, you must separate the aluminum panels from the Nanocarbon framing, but there is no clear way to detach it. The purpose of this guide … Read more

Hardspace Shipbreaker – All Ships Guide (V-0.1)

Here is a somewhat comprehensive guide to breaking apart and salvaging all ship types present in the game as of 0.1 version.   Main concepts Without wasting time, let’s get into the main concepts in the art of shipbreaking. Objectives First and most impotant objective for you as a salvager is to┬ástay alive. When you … Read more