Hacknet: How to Fix Major Save Bug “Plane Crash” (Works 100%)

How to fix major save bug “plane crash” from the game level. Works 100% time! Well… most of the time!



So, if you are here, then you probably know, that there is a huge bug in the last Hacknet DLC (Labyrinths) mission. When you are saving before the end of this mission (for example when plane is falling down and you are scared of it and want to quit, but try to again later) then after reloading your save, the chat is frozen and it is not triggering that mission correctly. Bad news, right? Well, there is just news. There is no good or bad.

Help me Jesus

Right now you will ask – what can I do? Start over again? Use someones other save? Well, thats pretty annoying, but remember what Master Oogway said: “Nothing is impossible.”. I will help you and teach how to deal with that..

There are two options, I will provide the easier solution (the other is to change many lines in code of the game, so it is pretty problematic for many people). And the best thing is, you can do it easily from game level.

After you reloaded the save and are sticking with freezed chat you need to find a way to trigger mission:

Step by step

1. Connect to ip: [PA_0018] and [PA_0022] and hack it (These two are planes ips, that you cannot trace -because of freeze- and not spawning link to these servers, but they are coded in game files and always the same.).

2. Copy file named 747FlightOps.dll (it is in PA_0018) and go to the second plane (PA_0022)

3. Now it’s tricky part. Normally when you are playing this mission correctly, file with .dll extension is deleted, but when everything is broken, it is there. Now, delete this file.

4. Go to the main screen of second plane and click button named “Reload firmware”. Also spam a Pilot Alert (just for fun, remember – you must let go of the illusion of control.)

5. Now it should trigger animation of plane falling down. (If not, upload file, reload firmware and repeat it to the point when it happen, trust me, its gonna happen. You must just believe in it. Peach can defat Tai Lung if you are willing to guide it, to nurture it. To believe in it.)

6. NOW VERY IMPORTANT, its not time for philosophy, (it will help us later) let the plane crash, but before that – save the game in the moment when it is falling, (to be more specific -when animation is on the screen and it is still in the air). Reload save after crash.

7. After loading your save, it should be fixed. Now you will see animation properly on the right side of your screen and music should be playing in the background. After that you can choose which ending you want and then continue game normally.

Thanks to Pablowsky for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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