Guild Wars 2: All Acronyms List

This guide is a comprehensive list of various acronyms, abbreviations, and terms that players will encounter in Guild Wars 2.

Using the Finder Function (such as CTRL + F on Windows) will be your friend with this guide.


General Game

GW2 – Guild Wars 2
GW – Sometimes GW1. Guild Wars, the original game.
HoT – The Heart of Thorns expansion
PoF – The Path of Fire expansion
EoD – The End of Dragons expansion
LWS – Living World Season
IBS – Icebrood Saga
ANet – ArenaNet, the developers of Guild Wars 2
AP – Achievement points
DR – Diminishing returns, an anti-farming and botting measure
GPH – Gold per hour
IP – Internet Protocol, each instance of a map
MO – Mike O’Brien, an ArenaNet employee. Not to be confused with Mursaat Overseer.
PvE – Player vs Environment
PvX – Player versus Anything. Someone who does PvE, PvP, and WvW.
Pug – Pick up group, a group of random players
r – Sometimes rdy. Stands for ready.
Rep – Representing a guild
RP – Roleplay
TP – Trading post
Train – Players continuously completing a variety of objectives together as a group
Taxi – Joining another instance of a map

Open World

PoI – Point if Interest map completion objectives
HP – Hero Points map completion objectives
Heart – Renown Hearts, or Tasks, map completion objectives
WP – Waypoint map completion objectives
Meta – A series of events that are connected together, generally reward a lot of items
VB – Verdant Brink map
AB – Auric Basin map
TD – Tangled Depths map
EotN – The Eye of the North hub
LA – Lion’s Arch map
BC – Black Citadel map
DR – Divinity’s Reach map
GH – Guild Hall
Lab – Sometimes Laby, the Mad King’s Labyrinth
Akili – An event in the Domain of Istan
Pala – Palawadan, the meta event in the Domain of Istan
DBS – Death Branded Shatterer world boss in Jahai Bluffs
Gerent – The Chak Gerent meta event in Tangled Depths
Octo – The Octovine meta event in Auric Basin
Mat – The Wyvern Matriarch boss in Verdant Brink
Pat – The Wyvern Patriarch boss in Verdant Brink
Frogs – The Kill Cotoni and Huetzi boss event in Verdant Brink
Tetrad – A boss event in Verdant Brink
SI – Serpent’s Ire meta event
TT – Triple Trouble world boss
Teq – Occasionally Taco, Tequatl the Sunless world boss
RIBA – Red, Indigo, Blue, Amber. A gold farm train in the Silverwastes.
SAB – Super Adventure Box
ASS – Antique Summoning Stones, an item from End of Dragons
Ecto – Globs of Ectoplasm, a crafting material
MC – Mystic Coins, a crafting material
Pre – An event before a popular event
Champ – Champion level mobs
Vet – Veteran level mobs
DRM – Dragon Response Missions from the Icebrood Saga
DSD – Refers to the Deep Sea Dragon
JP – Jumping Puzzle
MF – Magic Find
MF – Sometimes Forge, the Mystic Forge
Node – A resource node, like an Ore Vein


AC – Ascalonian Catacombs, the first dungeon in Plains of Ashford
CM – Caudecus’s Manor, the second dungeon in Queensdale (not to be confused with CM – Challenge mote (below)
TA, occasionally Arbor – Twilight Arbor, the third dungeon in Caledon Forest
SE – Sorrow’s Embrace, the fourth dungeon in Dredgehaunt Cliffs
CoF – Citadel of Flame, the fifth dungeon in Fireheart Rise
HotW – Honor of the Waves, the sixth dungeon in Frostforge Sound
CoE – Crucible of Eternity, the seventh dungeon in Mount Maelstrom
Arah – The Ruined City of Arah, the eighth dungeon in Cursed Shore
p, commonly seen as p1, p2, p3, or p4 – Path, refers to specific versions of dungeons in explorable mode
Story – The story mode version of the dungeon, done to unlock explorable paths
U, sometimes upward, forward/upward, or u/f – the first path in Twilight Arbor
F, sometimes forward, forward/forward, f/f – the second path in Twilight Arbor
Aetherpath, sometimes Aether or AP – the third path in Twilight Arbor
Quick, sometimes speed or fast – Going through a dungeon quickly, generally done by experienced players

Fractals of the Mist

FotM, sometimes frac or fractals – Short for Fractals of the Mist
Fractal – Refers to individual levels, such as Urban Battleground
Scale – Refers to the difficulty level in FotM
T – seen as T1, T2, T3, or T4 – FotM Tiers of difficulty
rec – recommended, the daily recommended fractals
CM – Challenge Mode or Mote, commonly seen as CM 98, 99, or 100 for the CM of those specific fractals
AR – Agony Resistance, armor upgrades necessary for high level fractals
F&P, sometimes P+F – Potions and Food
UF, sometimes UFE – Unstable Fractal Essence, rewarded from CM 98, 99, and 100
ess – Unstable Cosmic Essence, reward from CM 100, used as kill proof
DoD – Defier of Doubt, title earned from completing CM 100, used as kill proof
DwD – Dance with Demons, title from an achievement in CM 100, used as kill proof
LNHB – Leaves No Heroes Behind, title for completing CM 99, used as kill proof


W, commonly seen as W1, W2… W7 – Wing, specific raid maps including certain bosses
Wing 1, W1 – Spirit Vale
Wing 2, W2 – Salvation Pass
Wing 3, W3 – Stronghold of the Faithful
Wing 4, W4 – Bastion of the Penitent
Wing 5, W5 – Hall of Chains
Wing 6, W6 – Mythwright Gambit
Wing 7, W7 – The Key of Ahdashim
VG – Vale Guardian, first boss of Wing 1
Gors – Gorseval, second boss of Wing 1
Sab – Sabetha the Saboteur, third boss of Wing 1
Sloth – Slothasor, sometimes referred to as Cave Monster, the first boss of Wing 2
Trio – Bandit Trio, referred to officially as Protect the caged prisoners, prisoner camp, and occasionally “Berg, Zane, and Narell.” The second boss of Wing 2
Matt – Matthias Gabriel, the third boss of Wing 2
Escort – Sometimes keep escort, Glenna escort, Siege the Stronghold, or McLeod. The first boss of Wing 3
KC – Keep Construct, the second boss of Wing 3
TC – Sometimes castle, an encounter in Wing 3
Xera – The third boss of Wing 3
Cairn – Cairn the Indomitable, the first boss of Wing 4
MO – Mursaat Overseer, the second boss of Wing 4
Sam – Samarog, the third boss of Wing 4
Deimos – Occasionally referred to as Saul, the fourth boss of Wing 4
SH, Desmina – Soulless Horror, the first boss of Wing 5
River, RoS – River of Souls, the first encounter of Wing 5
Statues – Statues of Grenth, the second encounter of Wing 5
Dhuum – The Voice in the Void, VoiV, the second boss of Wing 5
CA – Conjured Amalgamate, the first boss of Wing 6
Largos – Twin Largos, Nikare and Kenut, the second boss of Wing 6
Q1 – Qadim, the third boss of Wing 6
Adina – Cardinal Adina, the first or second boss of Wing 7
Sabir – Cardinal Sabir, the first or second boss of Wing 7
Q2 – Also referred to as Qadim 2, QtP, or QTPie – Qadim the Peerless, the third boss of Wing 7
LI, occasionally LD – Legendary Insights or Legendary Divinations, rewards from killing raid bosses. Not to be confused with Low Intensity.
FC – Full clear, killing every boss in a wing

Strike Missions

Strike – Shorthand for strike mission
EZ3 – Easy 3, referring to the three easy Icebrood Saga strike missions: Fraenir of Jormag, Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen, and Shiverpeaks Pass
Pass – The Shiverpeaks Pass strike mission
Bears – Sometimes Koda, Claw, Voice: The Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen strike mission
Fraenir – Fraenir of Jormag strike mission
WoJ – Sometimes whisper, the Whisper of Jormag strike missions
Aetherblade – Sometimes Aether, the Aetherblade Hideout strike mission
Junkyard – Sometimes Annka, the Xunlai Jade Junkyard strike mission
KO – The Kaineng Overlook strike mission
HT – The Harvest Temple strike mission

Cross Content

CM – Challenge Mode or Mote, a harder version of a fight
KP – Kill proof, an item or title that proves you have completed a boss before
Daily – Daily achievements that change every day that will reward bonus loot for completing specific objectives
EXP – Experienced
LFG – Looking for group
LFM – Looking for more
LFT – Looking for team
LFR – Looking for raid

Skills and Traits

DPS – Damage per second
CDPS – Condition damage per section
Boons – Sometimes buffs. Temporary, beneficial, positive effects
Conditions – Sometimes DoTs. Temporary, harmful, negative effects
Condi – Shorthand for conditions
Quick – Quickness, a boon that increases ability speed
Alac – Alacrity, a boon that decreases ability cooldowns
Stab – Stability, a boon that prevents crowd control abilities
CC – Crowd control. Abilities that slow, knockdown, etc
Res – Sometimes rez, resurrect
Precast – Casting abilities and skills in advance, normally to stack boons
CD – Cooldown, the recharge time for a skill
AA – Autoattack
ICD – Internal cooldown, the time between attacks of an ability that attacks multiple times
Boonstrip – Skills that remove boons from enemies
Veil – Mesmer’s Veil ability that grants stealth
AoE – Area of Effect
AotJ – Ashes of the Just Firebrand skill
AP – Assassin’s Presence (not to be confused with Achievement Points)
CA – Celestial Avatar, a Druid mechanic
EA – Empower Allies, a Warrior trait
Epi – Epidemic, a Necromancer ability
FA – Fresh air, an Elementalist trait
FGS – Fiery Greatsword, an elementliast elite skill
GotL – Grace of the Land, a Druid trait
Port – Portal Entre, a Mesmer ability
PS – Phalanx Strength, a Warrior trait
RI – Righteous Instincts, a Guardian trait
RR – Righteous Rebel, a Renegade trait


Spec – Specializations for specific professions
Professions – The official Guild Wars 2 name for class
dh – Dragonhunter
fb – Firebrand
wb – Willbender
slb – Soulbeast
vindi – Vindicator
holo – Holosmith
dd – Daredevil
de – Deadeye
chrono – Chronomacer
virt – Virtuoso
harb – Harbinger
bsw – Bladesworn


LI – Low Intensity, not to be confused with Legendary Insight
Alacrage – Alacrity Mirage
Alacrigade – Sometimes AlacRen, Alacrity Renegade
BS – Banner Slave
CFB – Condition Firebrand
CQB – Condition Quickbrand
HB – Sometimes HFB, Healbrand
CFB – Condition Firebrand
Chronotank – Chronomancer tanking build
HK – Hand Kiter
HS – Sometimes HSc, Heal Scourge
Hmech, sometimes hm – Heal Mechanist
ham – Heal Alacrity Mechanist
hcata – Heal Catalyst
hat – Heal Alacrity Tempest
qharb – Quickness Harbinger
qcata – Quickness Catalyst
alacmech – Alacrity Mechanist
miralac – Alacrity Mirage
alacren – Alacrity Renegade
psb – Power Soulbeast
charb – Condition Harbinger

Player vs Player

PvP – Player vs Player
SPvP – Structured Player vs Player
HotM – Heart of the Mists, the PvP lobby
Spawn – Where your team starts in a map
Conquest – 5v5 with 3 capture points
Node – The capture points in Conquest maps
Home – The closest node to your team’s spawn
Far – The farthest node to your team’s spawn
Mid – The middle node in a map
Beast – Svanir or Chieftain Utahein in the Forest of Niflhel map
Lord – The Red or Blue lord in the Legacy of the Foefire map
Orb – The orb you capture in the Spirit Watch map
Meditation – The Meditation of Stillness and Meditation of Tranquility channeling objectives in the Temple of the Silent Storm map
Treb – The trebuchet in the Battle of Khylo map
Laser – Sometimes cannon or Skyhammer, the special capture point in the Skyhammer map
Bell – Sometimes cannons, the special capture point in the Revenge of the Capricorn map
Sword – The Sword of Reaping special item in the Eternal Coliseum map
Shield – The Shield of Life special item in the Eternal Coliseum map
Champ – The Mist Champions in the Battle of Champion’s Dusk map
Ninja – Capturing a point without the other team noticing
Group – The entire team coming together
Rotate – Moving from one capture point to another
Defend – Sometimes bunker, sitting on one capture point to hold it
Cap – Capture a capture point
AT – Automated tournaments
Decap – Remove a capture point from enemy control without full capturing it for yourself

World vs World

WvW – World vs World
Bomb – The squad using every skill on the enemy
Bait – Tricking enemy group into using bomb
Juke – Quickly moving in a direction and going back to original location
Water – Putting down water fields and bursting them with abilities
Smoke – Thieves blasting smoke fields to grant stealth
Stealth – Cast stealth abilities on the squad, such as Mesmer Veil
Pull – Using pull abilities to grab enemy players
Lines – Guardians using Staff skill 5
Stack – The entire group forming tightly on top of each other
Pirate ship – The group using entirely ranged characters
Flip – Capturing an objective
PvD – Player versus door, players attacking gates
Outer – The outermost or first set of walls in a keep
Inner – The innermost or second set of walls in a keep
Bay – Sometimes fire. The westernmost keep on WvW maps.
Hills – Sometimes air. The easternmost keep on WvW maps.
Garri – Garrison, the northernmost keep on WvW maps
Camp – Supply Camps
Yak – Supply Dolyaks
NWT – Northwest Tower
NET – Northeast Tower
SWT – Southwest Tower
SET – Southeast Cower
NWC – Northwest Camp
NEC – Northeast Camp
SWC – Southwest Camp
SEC – Southeast Camp
SMC – Stone Mist Castle in the Eternal Battlegrounds
EBG – Eternal Battlegrounds
BL – Borderlands
DBL – Desert Borderlands
ABL – Alpine Borderlands
EotM – Edge of the Mists
GBL – Green Borderlands
BBL – Blue Borderlands
RBL – Red Boderlands
OS – Obsidian Sanctum
Fog – The fog tactivator that applies chill to enemies in an objective
Airship – The airship tactivator that bombards enemies in SMC
EWP – The emergency waypoint tactivator that spawns a temporary waypoint
AC – Arrow Cart siege equipment
Ram – Flame Ram siege equipment
Cata – Catapult siege equipment
Treb – Trebuchet siege equipment
Bal – Ballista siege equipment
Golem – Siege Golem siege equipment
Sup – Supply, used to build and repair
Zerg – Groups of players usually 20+ and unorgained
Blob – Groups of players usually 20+ and organized
Havoc – Smaller group of players that focus on capturing smaller objectives
Roamer – A single player roaming around the map
Duel – Two players fighting eachother
RI – Righteous Indignation, invulnerability that an objective boss has after recently being captured
CT – Contested
OJ – Orange swords
CD – Cool down
Tag – The commander
Rally – Regroup at a specific location
Push – Attack a specific location
Wipe – Completely killing an entire enemy group
Rush – Running to a specific location without stopping
Snipe – Target an enemy and burst them down by range, usually done be rangers focusing longbow attacks on an enemy commander (looked down upon)
Inc – Incoming, an enemy group is running towards your group
GvG – Guild vs guild, usually organized and planned fights
Bag – Bags of loot that drop from killing enemies
PPT – Points per tick
PPK – Points per kill

Gaming Culture

afk – Away from keyboard
brb – Be right back
gtg – Sometimes g2g, got to go
wb – Welcome back
bio – Leaving the computer to go to the bathroom
Disc – Discord, a popular VoIP program
Mat – Materials, used for crafting
FPS – Frames per second
DLC – Downloadable Content
HUD – Heads up display
UI – User Interfact
NPC – Non-Playable Character

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