Wasteland Remastered: All SoundTrack Lists

This is the original soundtrack for Wasteland Remastered, composed by Edwin Montgomery. Total soundtrack time is 54:52.   Track Listing Wasteland Theme 1:47 War Erupts 1:26 Highpool 2:43 Desert 1:23 Agricultural Center 3:21 AK-97 3:09 Mine Shaft 1:46 Desert Nomads 2:54 Quartz 3:17 Needles 4:16 Thin Red Paste 3:01 Temple Of Blood 2:24 Savage Village … Read more

Wasteland Remastered Save Files Locations

Wasteland Remastered is an overhaul of the 1988 title that brought the post-apocalypse to video games.  if you want to find the save files locations, here is the save path guide.   C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\InXile Entertainment\Wasteland Remastered   You can back up your savegames manually as you don’t trust steam cloud.  the game is now available on … Read more

Town of Salem: Ranked & Ranked Practice Mega Guide

From basics to advanced game tactics, this guide discuss interesting aspects about Town of Salem’s Ranked/Ranked Practice.   Ranked Basics If you just got to Town of Salem, played your share of classic games, and wonder how Ranked/Ranked Practice (RP) works, don’t worry. We got you. Differences The biggest difference of Ranked/RP to classic is … Read more

Friday the 13th: The Game – How To Gain Xp Fast

Are You Bored Of Not Getting Weapon Swapping After So Many Dragged Out Games This Guide Will Show You How To Get So The Best Way   Offline Bots The Fastest Way To Level Will Always Be Offline Bots This Allows You To Get Consistently High Amounts Of XP Without Getting Killed Too Fast As … Read more

West of Dead: Tricks in Beta Phase 2

Here are some nice tricks I realized after beating the Beta Phase 2 and killing Wendigo.   Tricks You can fire two weapons simultaneously ( I used this with two double-barrel-pistols to do massive damage) You can dodge any attack in any direction, similar to Dark Souls. Enemies don’t see you when you just entered … Read more

Cogmind: Weapon Playstyles Guide

This “guide” discusses high-level strategies based on your weapon type. Why fire on sight when you can play it smart? It’s more of a stream of thought because the game is so deep and I’m bad at it. Please leave a comment on what strategies you think are good. Before reading this guide it may … Read more

Circle Empires: 100% Achievements Guide

To beat the game for 100%, you have to complete all Monster Hunt missions in order to open all necessary leaders. While the game doesn’t have any kind of story mode, this guide might contain spoilers still, so if you want just to enjoy the game first, go on, and leave this page for a … Read more

Juken Jigoku: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is the Juken Jigoku all achievements guide. hope it helps you. if you have any problem. let me know.   A+ make sure you close all the doors after you leave a room F leave doors open GRADUATE get both endings SCHOLAR make sure you read every note book CURIOUS interact with 30 elements … Read more

Broken Lines Gameplay: Movement and Combat Guide

This guide is for the players that wish to have a quick overview of the game. It covers the basics of movement and combat.   Introduction Hello and welcome to our basic overview of the game. If you want to get a quick understanding of the game, this guide is for you. In it we … Read more

Broken Lines: Controller Set-up Guide

Though Broken Lines has controller set up, we experienced some issues when you let Steam handle the controller configuration. This guide is to help you to manually set everything up.   Common Issues with Controllers We are happy to announce that Broken Lines supports controllers. However, during our testing, we experienced some issues when we … Read more