Swordbreaker: Back to The Castle Tips

Swordbreaker: Back to The Castle is an action-adventure in a medieval fantasy universe. Learn all about the adventures of mighty Swordbreaker before his appearance in the castle.  here are some tips for beginners.


Useful buttons:
Tab – log of tasks and statistics. Main and side quests are displayed here.
C – photo mode. It is very convenient to take pictures directly during the battle.)
M – map of the area.
Compass – at the top of the screen. It displays markers of the locations.
V – kick. This strike 100% interrupts any enemy attacks and deals a small amount of damage.
Ctrl – walking! It can be useful for solving puzzles or for u-turns on bridges.

Enhanced attacks-deal 20% more damage, but expend Stamina.
1. Jump kick – jump + kick
2. Kick with a somersault – somersault + kick
3. Kick from a tackle – sprint + kick
The boar is very easy to kill with a tackle.))

The seizure of weapons and counterattack with swordbreaker – kills skeletons warriors with a single blow + restores 10 points of lives.

Unique karma points
They are given for completing some side quests on locations. They are not displayed in the place where the normal karma points for increasing the character’s level are. You can see them right on the skill branches. For example, if you completed the task as a Hero, you will get a Hero’s karma point and it can be used exclusively to improve the skills of this branch.

By ducats-games