Grim Dawn: MultiStash Tools 2022

Here is a tool for multiple stashes in 2022. have a nice game.


Grim Dawn MultiStash Tools by YveOne

Hi Folks!
Inspired by the tool “GD Stash Changer” I created this tool to change through multiple stashes directly ingame.

{LINK REMOVED} Please Download it from the link below:
Original guide[]

The usage is pretty self-explained:
– Create/import your stashes by clicking the buttons on bottom menu
– Edit stash names by double clicking a name
– Change the order of your stashes as you want them to be shown ingame
– Select SC/HC, wherever you wanna use that stash
– Start the game
– Now when you open your transfer stash ingame the side window will appear
– Just click the name of any stash to switch to it.
– The stash window will close, the transfer files will be exchanged and the stash window will reopen

More informations:
– Requires Net 4.8
– Portable
– x64 only
– No admin rights required
– Does not work with mods!
– Cloud saving must be turned OFF!
– License: MIT

As it got only tested by a friend yet (without problems) it could happen that this tool does not work under certain circumstances. It has not been tested if it works together with GDItemAssistant or other tools. (GDMultiStash is creating backups of your stashes so dont worry)

Importing stashes:
To simply import stashes you can first rename your “transfer.gst” files (or “transfer.gsh”) to whatever you want. Lets say you got a directory on your desktop with the files: green.gst, blue.gst, purple.gst.
Now press the button to import stashes and just select all three files.

Duplicate like you mean it!
With the ingame buttons “Save” and “Load” you can duplicate your items ingame:
– Put items into your stash
– Press save button
– Take items out
– Press load button
– Take items out
– Press load button
– Take items out
– Press load button
– Take items out
– Press load button
… and be proud of yourself that you “farmed” 100.000 healpotions wich you never ever gonna use

Currently there are “English” and “German”.
After running the tool for the first time you will find the new directory “Data/Locales”.
Translations with dialects are also possible. Just create translation files with names like:
“enUS-Englisch (US)” or “enGB – English (GB)”

Shared stashes for Normal AND Hardcore
It IS possible to use stashes for both sc and hc. Use that on your own risk!
NEVER log out of character A that got a shared stash selected and log into character B and select the same shared stash! It could and will sooner or later corrupt your files. It’s recommended to always switch back to main stash before logging out.

GD Stash Changer – without that one I would have never started this project
GD Item Assistant – Using parts if it to detect stash status changes and reading transfer files
Direct3DHook – Finally made it possible for me to draw my own stuff inside Grim Dawn

Special thanks
Eclipsonaut – For testing, cheering me up and together kicking asses out of those nasty monsters

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