Green Hell: All Legends Guide (Spirits of Amazonia Part 3)

In this guide, I will show you how to complete all the legends in the third part of the Spirits of Amazonia. +Main info about third part! SPOILERS ALERT!



Well, welcome to the “Spirits of Amazonia Part 3”. Legends that are presented in this guide are performed on the 2-3-4 maps ( surprised huh? ) of Green Hell “Spirits of the Amazonia”. You will tell the leader of the 3rd map of Green Hell “Spirits of the Amazonia” about the completed legends.

So, where is the entrance to the old updated location again?Initially, it will be possible to pass only from the second map, namely here ( for now, don’t rush to run there, I’ll write why a little later ):

See the wood, right? So remember that such logs with red leaves are equipped with ropes, along which you can either go down or up. They don’t always have the rope down, so you’ll need to find ways to drop it.

Get down ( still take your time 🙂 ), then go to the BOYYY who is sitting on the same log. The text on the screenshots is Russian. Do not be afraid of this, I have made the text translation of the manual as clear as possible, but if you have questions, ask.

Asking to throw you a rope, he will most likely send you to hell, because you do not have some kind Trust Token of Un’garaca.

To get the Token, you need to complete the mission with bowls ( village rituals ), drinking, as I understand it, a couple of Ayahuasca in two villages you know. You can drink if you have earned the trust of the foreman. He will give you herbs, and then you will have to kindle a fire under the bowl and take a sip of the magical solution.

The objective of the mission in the first village is that you need to heal 3 natives by growing the RIGHT plant with water drops. Don’t forget to beat off waves of enemies, otherwise restart.
In the second mission, you need to kill 3 animals, which are depicted on the stones in front of your spawn point. Perhaps you need to kill in order, but I could not identify patterns.

As a reward for completing the first and second missions, you will receive parts of the Token that you will provide to the boy.

Stomp to the small one, show the Token – Welcome to the New-old location.

Map? New village? Activities? Here:


It’s not a map, but maps. The developers made 3 locations for the legends. The territories should be familiar to you from the regular Green Hell storyline.

In general, to find maps – you need to get to the airport safe and sound ( the corpse will not take the map ).
Get to this place when you get to a new area. Climb the mountain, then climb the ropes.

Go to these coordinates, take the maps.


And without a new village could not have done. But where is she?
Catch the path to the village of fishermens ( I am where the runway ends the slope down or to the right of the airport ):

Get down the rope.

When you get down, press against the left side of the cliff and walk until you find the village.


It is possible that while you were walking to the airport, you could find unfinished totemsbad fishermensenemy camps and captives. That is the activities of this part.

What about trust?

  • Complete the totem (red on the maps) – 25 trust.
  • Give a bad fisherman a four pronged spear (based on bamboo stick, 2 small sticks, rope) with larvae or a bow (bamboo) with arrows (green on the maps) – 25 trust.
  • Rescue the captives (pink on the maps) – 30 trust.
  • Breaking small and large camps – 5 and 40 trust.
  • Fulfill legends – 100 trust.

Here I picked up places with activities and depicted them on maps ( maybe not all; see above for colors; there are only enemy camps near the airport, it will not be difficult to find ):

Screenshots of maps with stones.

Maps without my intervention (hand marks – pieces of wood with a rope):
Remember that the second map ( the first screen ) contains a piece of the location of the third part, which is located on the right. Therefore, look for stones and objects of the third part there.

Legend “The Death Bringer”. Difficulty – normal.

The first legend I read about in the book is “The Death Bringer”.

The coordinates of the stones for this legend ( the stones are within the first mini-location of the second map ):

  • 1) 32W 20S
  • 2) 35W 20S
  • 3) 36W 22S
  • 4) 34W 23S
  • 5) 34W 29S
  • 6) 32W 25S
  • 7) 37W 27S
  • 8) 35W 25S

Having collected all the stones …… Again, again, the cursed sign …. Okay, let’s go.

You need to go into the cave and examine the bones in it ( pieces 3-4 ), as well as dive into the depths and inspect part of the weapon.

If you did everything right, then you will open a new recipe – “Aztec Weapon”.

Craft it and bring it to the leader of the 3rd map, for which you will receive 1-0-0 trust.

Legend “The Spirit Eater”. Difficulty – hard.

So, hmmm, the second legend, based on the entries in the book – “The Spirit Eater”.

The coordinates of the stones for this legend are located near the airport on the 3rd map, but not at the bottom.

  • 1) 31W 25S
  • 2) 28W 24S
  • 3) 30W 25S
  • 4) 32W 24S
  • 5) 28W 23S
  • 6) 29W 22S
  • 7) 30W 22S
  • 8) 28W 21S

Are the stones collected? Wonderful, now you need to find photos at this point on the map (yellow circle):

The photos show blue stones. Conditionally – sapphires ( or maybe it is? ).
Unfortunately, they need to be broken. You can break with arrows, spears … Well, you understand.
I know that you are incredibly lazy to look for these places by photos, so here are screenshots with their locations:

Here I forgot about the coordinates, so I’ll write that it’s about the 3rd village, where the waterfall is ( yes, I broke it before screenshot ( genius ) ).

If you don’t understand by the coordinates, then here are the maps with blue dots ( sapphires ):

When you break the gems, return to the leader and talk to him. Do you know what you get for it? 001 trust.

Legend ” The Guardians”. Difficulty – hard.

My book again told me about one legend ( it seems the 3rd in a row ) – “The Guardians”.

Here are the coordinates of the stones ( the stones are located in the area of ​​the 3rd village, not near the airport; be sure to pay attention to the hand with the rope to the left of the natives camp – you will need to climb it to find the stone. You can climb from the side of the 3rd village ):

  • 1) 25W 23S
  • 2) 26W 20S
  • 3) 24W 23S
  • 4) 27W 21S
  • 5) 25W 25S
  • 6) 25W 21S
  • 7) 26W 25S

After collecting the legend, move to your base, as you will have to craft. On the way, grab: brazil nuts ( a couple ), fiber and obsidian.
Arriving home, start building a pottery table.

Pour water into it, put clay ( mud ) molds. Do not put iron – it will not be useful.
Make 3 Clay ( mud ) Monkey figurines (on the potter’s table). Then roast them near any fire.

When the figurines harden, start mixing:
1st figurine – solid form and brazil nut shell ( click harvest on brazil nuts; a couple of pieces ):

2nd figurine – solid form and fiber ( break the trunk of a gray-black palm tree as tall as you ):

3rd figurine – solid form and obsidian ( in caves ):

Now just put these 3 macaques in the marked places:

Tell your leader about your progress and he will give you 100 trust tokens.

Legend “The Fish of Fortune”. Difficulty – hard.

The final legend in my super duper mega useful book is “The Fish of Fortune”.

The coordinates of the stones ( all located in the lowlands; the 4th map is shorter; 1 stone is located on the 3rd map at the bottom of the descent ( there is also a sapphire there ) ):

  • 1) 22W 32S
  • 2) 24W 28S
  • 3) 25W 31S
  • 4) 26W 34S
  • 5) 26W 26S
  • 6) 23W 33S
  • 7) 26W 29S

The inscriptions have been read, which means it’s time to craft!
Your goal is to create a bait that fish will come to, giving good luck.
The bait can be crafted from: centipede, ( if I understand correctly, it appears when you carry piles of leaves, sticks, etc. When you notice it or hear it, drop what you were carrying and kill it ); green, long fruit ( grows in bushes ); honey ( break the beehive ).

Place the food in this trap ( it will be marked… with a question… on the 4th map; or just look at the first screenshot ). Wait a while. Come back for the catch:

The fish does not take up space in your inventory:

Give it to the leader. The leader will thank you with trust in the amount of 100 pieces.

Thanks to Kaiman for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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