Golf With Your Friends: Under Par Guide for Bouncy Castle

This is a detailed walkthrough for each hole to gain the under par achievement for the Bouncy Castle map.


Youtube Video to Follow Along With


Hole 1
  • 2.9 Power
  • Aim middle of 3rd sprinkle from the right, jump just before leaving the water
Hole 2
  • 3.6 Power
  • Aim middle of right triangle
  • Shoot right after one spinner passes the 3rd shape (triangle with squiggle) on the left
Hole 3
  • 1.5 Power
  • Aim at flag
  • Shoot and do a shallow jump as soon as you hit the water, then do a larger jump when you land to get over the ledge, (not too large or you’ll bounce over the hole)
Hole 4
  • 4 Power
  • Aim where the yellow meets the red on the right spinner
  • Shoot when the line where red meets blue passes your arrow
  • Shoot with 2.5 Power off any ramp pointing to the dish
Hole 5
  • 4 Power aiming straight ahead
  • Shoot just after the closest spinner passes
  • 2.5 Power straight to flag
Hole 6
  • Angle your camera entirely vertical pointing down at your ball and zoom all the way out. On the top-right bush, there is a flower with an orange center circle. Put the 1-2 o-clock part of that circle in the corner of your screen.
  • Set your power to 2.3 and move your path to the right 5 pixels (looking in the corner for reference) and shoot.
Hole 7
  • 2.35 Power, straight ahead
  • 3 Power, aim at the 3rd wackamole
  • Shoot when it drops
Hole 8
  • 1.8 Power
  • Put your camera all the way as horizontal as it will go and notice the checkers leading to the flag look like a rook chess piece.
  • Aim on the right side of that rook shape right where the base turns vertical and shoot.
Hole 9
  • 4 Power
  • Aim straight at flag and shoot when the closest bumper (there are 4) passes.
Hole 10
  • 3.9 Power
  • Aim straight through hole
  • Shoot when the balloon has floated down almost to the bottom.
  • As soon as you hit the water, jump just high enough to land in the dish (watch the bumper as you fall and adjust your jump height depending on whether you think the bumper is going to be blocking or not).
Hole 11
  • Make sure you have ambient sound at 100% and music at 0%
  • Listen for the air. After the air stops, wait 1 second, and then shoot as soon as you can under the hammer aiming at the right half of the corner bumper at 4 Power.
  • Once the air has blown you to the next level, turn around and aim at the flag. When the air comes again, shoot again at 4 Power to the flag. If you missed, “just tap tap tap it in”.
Hole 12
  • Zoom all the way out and move the camera entirely vertical looking down at your ball
  • Set 3 Power and in the upper right hand corner of the screen move to the right until you see a red bumper with purple shapes under the balloon garland. There’s a shape on the left of that red bumper that looks like a slice of pizza. Line the right side of your screen with the point of that pizza slice and shoot.
  • Next, near the flag, under the white and black zigzag portion of the spinner, the corner of the two walls below is shown
  • Aim just left of the point of that V shape and shoot with 4 Power.
  • Next, aim at the flag and shoot (should be about 3.25 Power)
Hole 13
  • Shoot with 2.5 Power aiming just left of the left pole
  • Shoot with 3.5 Power, just left of the gingerbread man’s head
  • Shoot with 3.6 Power at the middle of the yellow bouncy trim
Hole 14
  • Shoot with 3.7 Power straight at the flag when the ramp is moving back up and when the gate allows.
Hole 15
  • Shoot with 2.9 Power, just left of first bumper
  • Shoot with 3.5 Power, just right of right conveyor belt
  • Shoot with 4 Power, right after 1 of the first fan’s blades is vertical pointing to the ground
  • Tap it in to finish.
Hole 16
  • Shoot with 4 Power at the Middle door
  • Shoot with 4 Power at the Right door
  • Shoot with 4 Power at the Left door just after the air stops
Hole 17
  • Shoot with 3 Power between left wall and ramp
  • Shoot with 4 Power in the middle of the 4 checkers in front of the ramp, after spinners pass
  • Shoot with 2 Power aiming at the left bumper at the top when the close right T spinner opens up
Hole 18
  • Make your camera entirely horizontal and notice the red arch that looks connected to the ground straight ahead.
  • Aim for the middle of that arch and shoot with 1.5 Power.

Thanks to dimitri for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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