Goetia 2: Gameplay Tips and Hints for Puzzles

Goetia 2 is an enjoyable game, but at the time of launch it has some issues. This guide provides tips on how to approach the game, as well as hints for puzzles that are difficult due to game mechanics.


Gameplay tips

  1. First and foremost, follow the demon Buer’s advice

    In your quest, everything has significance; look beyond the surface, allow each clue sufficient time, give each detail sufficient attention.

    Giving yourself time to explore, experiment, and make connections is the best way to enjoy this game.

  2. Don’t rush through the dialog because a) it can contain important clues, b) a lot of the dialogue is quite good, and even thought provoking.
  3. Make note of anything you find that you can’t read yet, or that Luca says requires more investigation. You will be able to revisit each of these at some point in the game to read them or learn more information. Don’t rely on the in game journal to capture all of this information.
  4. If you know there is a room somewhere, but you can’t get to it, know that it will become accessible at some point, so make a note of it, and keep trying until you have access to it.
  5. When you find the pickaxe LEAVE IT IN THE ROOM WHERE YOU FOUND IT. Trust me and many other players who have removed the pickaxe from the room, leaving it where you found it will make your life much easier.

Hints for Puzzles (Spoiler Alert!!!)

These hints are for things that seem to trip people up, not because the puzzle is hard per se, but more because of game mechanics and the player’s expectations of how things should work.

Abandoned Island
You found out what element you need, but don’t know how to get/carry it: the water bottle can only be filled in a specific location, look for places to interact around water while possessing the bottle.

City Centre
You got a hint about time and a drawing, but can’t figure it out: once you find the clock by exploring, click it once and look at it, then click it again and use it to find the drawing.

You found a safe, but have no idea how to open it: there are two pieces of paper needed to solve the combination, one next to the safe and another hidden one. To find the hidden piece of paper, return after you have retrieved the element from this area, and take another look at the pickaxe. If you removed the pickaxe from the room, you won’t be able to get it back in, but you can bring it below the vent, and scroll to the right until you see cracks light up on the wall then you can interact with them.

Sunken Library
After you counteract Vine’s symbol, if you have no idea what to do: the cutscene was meant to show you how the green glow under the seals has disappeared in the abandoned island, and city center, meaning you can now venture below the seals to new areas.

You found some circles with symbols in them on the wall, but don’t know what to do with them: try clicking and dragging the circles, rather than just clicking.

The Ritual
The demon Buer is only giving you part of the story (of course). You do need to find the elements, but consider venturing off the path he has laid out for you. There are this many extra items you need to find for a good ending: TWO! Keep exploring and experimenting. Remember to revisit those things Luca said he couldn’t read, or he needed to look into more. When you find the items they’ll be moved to the table in the archives just like the elements.

Thanks to Mothling for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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