Gloomwood: All Console Commands (Updated to v0.1.220)

Here is a full list of all console commands in Gloomwood.┬áTested in game v0.1.220   Commands: Command Extension (If applicable) Description Selector Information (If applicable) antialiasing {value} Displays Antialiasing level. If given a value sets the Antialiasing level bloom {0/1} Displays if Bloom is enabled. If given a value Enables / Disables Bloom “1” is … Read more

Gloomwood: How to Skip the Second Chapter (v0.1.216)

A quick guide on how to skip directly from the first chapter to the third in version 0.1.216 of the game.   How to Skip the Second Chapter Step 1 – Going out of bounds At the end of the first chapter before entering the mines, the player should take the two barrels available near … Read more

Gloomwood: Semi Secret Weapon Guide (Undertaker Pistol)

A short guide to getting the semi-secret weapon.   1. How to find out where it is When you get to the lighthouse, go down to the basement and you’ll see a map Here’s the map, it contains a three number code 2. Getting the weapon Go back to the start of the game, the … Read more