Gloomwood: How to Skip the Second Chapter (v0.1.216)

A quick guide on how to skip directly from the first chapter to the third in version 0.1.216 of the game.


How to Skip the Second Chapter

Step 1 – Going out of bounds
At the end of the first chapter before entering the mines, the player should take the two barrels available near the entrance and stack them to get access above the door. See picture: 
From here, walk to the tree line and barely clip through it and look for the cave as shown in the image below (look at my crosshair placement for the cave).

Step 2 – Falling back into bounds in the cave below
This part is pretty finnicky as falling directly in the middle of the cave leads to death by fall damage. Falling at the edge of the cave (and being clipped back into boundaries) seems to yield the best success for me. Luckily failure only brings you back to the phonograph in the house below the rope leading to the entrance.

Once you land successfully you should see the following: 
You are normally unable to be this far back in this cave since the loading trigger is much closer to the light.

Step 3 – Reap the rewards of the sequence skip
Walk forward towards the light from step two until the loading area triggers.

Congratulations! You have went directly from chapter 1 to 3 in one load sequence. This will very likely be patched… but I couldn’t resist making it public 🙂

Have fun speedrunning!

Thanks to Useless NPC for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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