Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne – Collectibles Guide (Spoilers)

A basic guide with hints on how to get the various collectibles (dingbots, masterful paintings, some of the Lore, and artifacts).

WARNING – There are A LOT of spoilers, I’d highly recommend reading the tagged version in Steamcommunity.

Thanks to jayne2520 for helping provide some screenshots for this guide!


This is a list of Lore within the game that requires actual interaction (not counting combat) to trigger. Lore and the room are listed, a small hint and a picture of it in the spoilers

Faustus Heterodyne – Castle Entrance
The huge statue, hard to miss
Punch & Judy – Kitchen Corridors
Portrait on the stairs near the desk area
Bacchus Heterodyne – Wine Cellar
Portrait in a gated off area
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach – The Hub
Portrait near the quick transport system
Castle Wulfenbach – Hub Corridors
Painting in area after first interacting with Dr. Silas and Zola
Euphronysia Heterodyne – The Fun Room
Journal papers along the side walkways near a gate
Krosp – Corridor of Portraits
Book in front of cat portrait
Vlad Heterodyne – Wine Cellar
Bookshelf in a hidden room opened by the lantern
Sturmhalten – The Great Gallery
Painting next to a map of what looks like Europe
Knife Heterodyne – The Plunder Room
In a corner of the room leaning on the wall on top of a box near the entrance
Barry Heterodyne – The Explorer’s Lounge
Ax in the bar area
Bill Heterodyne – The Explorer’s Lounge
Sandwich board sign for the Whack-a-clank game
Jägermonsters – The Devil’s Corner
On a wall past one of the gates
Robur Heterodyne – The Observatory
Broken device near the 3rd power generator
Pluto Heterodyne – The Observatory
Top of the spiral staircase, writing on the floor
Clementhious Heterodyne – The Fun Room
Upper walkway accessible only through the Mountain Pass
Mechanicsburg – Corridor of Light
Painting on a wall near the exit to the Hallway of Lightning
Lucrezia Mongfish – Hallway of Lightning
Book near portrait in secret passage
Igneous Heterodyne – TGMC Well Shrine
Engraved stone near entrance
Otilia – Lucrezia’s Secret Lab
Headless angel body


These enhance Agatha’s abilities (health, stamina, etc.) once you bring them to the Crypt Clank, spoilers provide some help on where to find them

  • Faustus’ Blood Sample – Hub Corridors through the Kitchen behind portrait in dining hall
  • Lycanthropic Extract – The Arena Entrance up the stairs blocked by boulders
  • Imperceptible Pickaxe – The Great Cog on a mid-level platform
  • Jäger Plushie – Fun Room in a raised caged area
  • Floor Plan – Kitchen Corridors next to the door you unlock
  • Ancient Jägerdrought – Wine Cellar in a hidden room opened with lantern
  • Mirror Shard – Plunder Room in the bottom area near a corner behind some crates and blocked by boulders
  • Abandoned Chewtoy – Beast Pens behind a gate
  • Primordial Goop – Cabinet of Contagions behind a gate
  • Golden Snail Trophy – Explorer’s Lounge get the high score in whack-a-clank
  • Reusable Headstone – The Arena get full achievements in the Arena Challenges
  • Jeweled Wurm Egg – Grand Gallery in the cage
  • Heart of the Storm – Grand Gallery behind a locked door
  • Robur’s Hourglass – The Observatory on an raised area blocked by electricity
  • Clockwork Snake – Hallway of Lightning in a secret hallway
  • Yurt – TGMC Temple Entrance behind a gate near one of the rotatable statues
  • Igneous’ Left Shoe – TGMC Wheel on a little island behind some boulders
  • Wasp Head – Lucrezia’s Secret Lab in an upper area only dingbot can get to
  • Silver Stake – Vault Path 4 in a puzzle path to the side
  • Castle’s Cradle – Final Vault Room at the end of the room

Dingbot Sergeants

Dingbots are listed with a picture and the room they’re in, spoilers contain a hint on where to find them

Pipeworth – Kitchen Corridors
Up the stairs and through the hole near the reception desk
Blueberry – Kitchen
Upper area behind walls through the hole in the freezer
Correspondence – Foundry
Behind the walls across a bridge you need to lower (there are 3 holes in the wall you need to enter to get this)
Nodule – Red Playroom Corner
Above eye view near a horizontal blower
Phonograph – Cabinet of Contagions
Behind the wall behind some huge gears
Mullberry – Corridors of Light
Behind the wall about half way through near the dingbot puzzle
Yankmeister – Phosphorus Gate
On the upper walkway accessible through a hole in the wall
Birdbath – Hallway of Lightning
Near the bridges by a blower
Bluebell – Mountain Pass
Near a blower to the side of the walkway
Hammersmith – TGMC Western Pass
On a platform in the water near the exit
Clumsy – TGMC Well Shrine
In a slightly hidden area behind a short wall in the flying area
McSprocket – Heart of the Castle
Near the exit near a caged/gated area

Masterful Paintings

These are stylized portraits of some of the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. Room locations are provided (some with hints in spoilers)

The Hub near the comic reading area up the spiral staircase
The Great Cog on one of the upper walkways, accessible from a hidden passage in the Bibliotecha Door room
The Hub in a room off the workshop where the Crypt Clank resides after your battle with them
The Gallery of Portraits in an area you need to launchpad to
The Gallery of Portraits in an area you need to launchpad to
The Gallery of Portraits in an area you need to launchpad to
The Kitchen in the actual cooking area
The Grand Gallery in an upper walkway
The Plunder Room leaning on a wall about half way through the room
The Plunder Room on a wall in an area only accessible with the lantern
Beast Pens Antechamber accessible from the Beast Pens
Beast Pens near the power source for the first bridge
The Red Corridors
The Red Playroom on the upper walkway
The Red Playroom on the upper walkway
The Red Crossroads
The Explorer’s Lounge
The Explorer’s Lounge
Cabinet of Contagions
Red Playroom Corner Hallway in a small area near the entrance
Observatory Stairwell
The Observatory on an upper walkway
The Observatory at the top of the spiral staircase
The Mountain Pass
The Corridors of Light
TGMC Main Chaimber on a wall at the bottom area near the entrance
TGMC Temple Entrance on the wall at one of the raised platform
The Heart of the Castle in one of the corner areas at the bottom level
The Heart of the Castle in one of the corner areas in an upper area
Lucrezia’s Secret Lab next to the fast transport system
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