Gimmick! Special Edition: How to Extract the ROM

This guide will explain how you can extract the raw Gimmick! ROM file from the game for play on other emulators or on real hardware via a flash cartridge like the Everdrive

Explanation of the process

In the current version of the game all game resources are packed into a .mdf file. This means the ROM is not directly accessible to anyone. Unfortunately, I wasn’t easily able to figure out how to unpack this type of file so extracting the ROM directly is not an option right now.
Instead, we are going with the second best route which is to extract the ROM from a memory dump we make while the game is running.


  • Python has to be installed
  • This Python script:¬†¬†(I urge you to not just blindly download the script. Please inspect the code yourself to ensure it is not malicious)

Extraction process

  1. Boot up the game and press Start in the main menu. The actual ROM itself needs to be running in the game.
  2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and open up the Task-Manager
  3. In the list of Processes search for “Gimmick! Special Edition”. Right click it and select “Create dump file”
  4. The window that opens will tell you to wait a bit. Once the dump has been completed it should show you where the dump has been saved. The file should be called TRICK.DMP
  5. Move both TRICK.DMP and the Python script into the same directory
  6. Open a command line, navigate to the directory where the dump and the Python script are located and execute the script by writing “Python” (Without the quotation marks)
  7. The script will search for the ROM inside the memory dump and, if done correctly, should output a file called TRICK.nes in the same directory. This is the raw game ROM
  8. You can now test the extracted TRICK.nes ROM file in the emulator of your choice
  9. Proceed to delete TRICK.DMP and the Python script as well if you want

Thanks to infinest for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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  1. Thanks for putting this together. When I extracted TRICK.nes, the ROM checksum does not match any known dumps. Is this normal?


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