Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – All Achievements Guide

A list of all achievements and their requirements sorted into categories, along with detailed instructions for unlocking the more involved ones.



Ghost Trick has 30 achievements. The majority of them is unlocked by simply playing through the story, with the rest of them being awarded for rather easy to complete challenges. I’ve roughly categorized all of them by their unlock requirements and added a short tutorial to each of the more involved ones.

As should be obvious, this guide contains spoilers for the game’s story.

Story Progression

The most basic kind of achievement, automatically earned after finishing each of the game’s chapters.

7:02PM – 7:31PM
Cleared Chapter 1

7:31PM – 8:04PM
Cleared Chapter 2

8:04PM – 8:23PM
Cleared Chapter 3

8:23PM – 8:34PM
Cleared Chapter 4

8:34PM – 9:03PM
Cleared Chapter 5

9:03PM – 10:05PM
Cleared Chapter 6

10:05PM – 10:55PM
Cleared Chapter 7

10:55PM – 11:09PM
Cleared Chapter 8

11:13PM – 11:41PM
Cleared Chapter 9

11:41PM – 12:10AM
Cleared Chapter 10

12:10AM – 12:25AM
Cleared Chapter 11

12:25AM – 12:51AM
Cleared Chapter 12

12:51AM – 1:28AM
Cleared Chapter 13

1:28AM – 2:55AM
Cleared Chapter 14

2:55AM – 3:39AM
Cleared Chapter 15

4:19AM – 5:10AM
Cleared Chapter 16

5:10AM – 5:42AM
Cleared Chapter 17

Fate Averted!
Cleared “Ghost Trick”

You’ll get this achievement after beating the Final Chapter.


Achievements tasking you with using your various abilities a certain number of times. These will probably unlock on their own during your first playthrough.

A Curious Soul
444 Ghosts

Move from object to object a total of 444 times. The same objects can be used multiple times.

Jumping Poltergeist
444 Tricks

Manipulate objects 444 times. The same objects can be used multiple times.

Same, Same!
Swapped 44 things

After gaining the ability to control Missile, use his power to swap objects 44 times. The same objects can be used multiple times.

Chapter Challenges – Succeeding

These achievements require you to sucessfully finish some puzzle sections in certain ways.

Mystery of the Secret Room
Chapter 5: Avert fate without any deaths after the final Fate Change

This achievement starts after you manipulate the kettle, leading the police man to hold it close to the ground for a short time, thus allowing you to access the murder machine room just as said machine is about to be triggered. You’ll have to finish the following section without making any mistakes that would cause a restart.

First off, wait for the tennis ball on the fan you’re inside to drop down and move to the hatch in the floor to manipulate it. After that, move back up and into the tool box. Then simply manipulate it once the tennis ball hits the floor.

Careful of the Crimson Light
Chapter 9: Lead The Way Outside Without Failing

This one takes place while you’re helping Jowd escape the prison in darkness. You’ll have to complete the whole section without being spotted by one of the guards, making sure to only have Jowd move while none of them are facing him.

Start off by moving into the lower right cell, calling Jowd to the bunk once the cost is clear. Then, move into the patrolling guards vest and let him carry you upstairs. On his way back down, you’ll be close enough to the guard lying down above, enabling you to move into his vest and then manipulate the hatch mechanism on his left, so he falls down through the trapdoor.
After that, use the patrolling guards to move to the distribution panel below the stairs on the far right. Call Jowd over at an opportune moment, then once again use one of the guards to get back up to the hatch mechanism you opened earlier. Move into either of the red valves to the left or right and call Jowd into the crawlspace when it’s save. Then move back into the hatch mechanism and close the trapdoor, before moving to the red valve on the left and calling Jowd over again.
With the trapdoor closed, the guard who laid on top of it originally will start patrolling upstairs, giving you the opportunity to catch a ride on his vest through the upstairs area way over to the left. There’s another hatch mechanism in the floor here which you can move inside, calling Jowd over once more.
As the patrolling guard is walking back towards the right side, move into the drum above and manipulate it, causing the stationary guard on the left to walk onto the trapdoor. Manipulate the hatch mechanism so he drops down, then move into the guitar above to call Jowd up. Now, simply manipulate the hatch mechanism once more to close the trapdoor and allow Jowd to flew.

Too Much Medicine
Chapter 10: Avert fate without any deaths after the final Fate Change

The challenge starts after you help the Justice Minister reach the water pitcher, extending his demise and letting you move through the pitcher into the ceiling fan. From this point onwards you’ll have to beat the section without making any mistake that would restart it.

To start, manipulate the fan and use the documents it blows away to move to the right side of the room. There, move into the left statue’s arm and manipulate it in order to reach the left frame hanger. Manipulate the hanger to drop the frame on that side, then move down through the statue’s arm into the curtain and manipulate it to access the right statue’s arm.
Next, move up into the globe stand and manipulate it, before manipulating the globe itself, causing the vase beside it to drop down. Then move up into the right frame hanger and manipulate it to fully drop the framed sword. Manipulate the globe once more to cause it to fall down, then once again manipulate the curtain to move back to the left statue.
Once there, use the arm to move up once more into the lower part of the hanging basket and manipulate it to turn it around once (so the sickle around the ball faces left). Move into it’s upper part and manipulate that one as well, causing the basket to swing and the ball to fall onto the makeshift seesaw, leading to the globe being impaled on the left statue’s sword.
Lastly, move into this sword and manipulate it, causing it to kick the pill bottle towards the Justice Minister.

Captive on the Roof
Chapter 13: Take Aim and Nail It on the Second Try

Your goal at the start of this chapter is to immobilize Emma by trapping her in the chandelier, with this achievement requiring you to successfully catch her the second time you lower said chandelier on her.

After you’ve killed the lights and caused the lady to light and raise the chandelier, you can move into the crank and manipulate it to drop the chandelier once again. Doing this lures Emma over to the crank where she raises it once again. After she is done, she’ll make her way back to the typewriter, giving you the opportunity to once again drop the chandelier as she’s under it.
As far as I know, Emma will always dodge this the first time. After that, she’ll only dodge id you drop the chandelier too late or too early. Simply make sure to activate manipulation just as she’s under the center of the chandelier.

Red Light! Green Light!
Chapter 15: Avert fate without any deaths after the final Fate Change

This one starts after you reunite with missile and save the Pigeon Man from the explosion, leading to his pigeon carrying you through the basement to access the office above. Once more, you’ll have to complete the following section without making any mistakes which would cause a restart.

Once you’re at the floor of the office, wait for your doppelgänger to knock down the kettle and move through it into the desk lamp base. Manipulate the lamp as the doppelgänger turns around, then use it to move into the helmet. Immediately manipulate the helmet to make it fall down.
Wait until the doppelgänger is shot and returns, then move into the step ladder and manipulate it to move to the right side of the room. Once there, move into the knit hat and manipulate it so it falls onto the ladder. Use the ladder to move back to the left side of the room, then switch to missile and swap the knit hat with the book on the shelf above, causing the knit hat to hang at the side of the shelf.
Now simply wait until the doppelgänger shoots, at which point the game will automatically pause and switch you to missile inside the bullet. Then just swap it with the knit hat.

Chapter Challenges – Failing

For these achievements, you’ll have to fail certain puzzle sections in specific ways.

Extraordinary Failure
Chapter 14: Fail by Keeping the Ball Away from Mino

This achievement is unlocked while you’re trying to save the Guardian of the Park (Dabira) from being crushed by Mino. Your goal in this section is to position a football next to Mino in order to swap the two using Missile. For this achievement however, you’re trying to make the football bounce into a position from which it can’t be moved into the proper spot anymore.

To start off, play the section normally, by first Moving to the right and opening the dumpster lid in order to reach the seesaw. Manipulate the seesaw so you can use the baseball to move further. Wait for Dabira to jump onto the globe climber and use the baseball to move into it. Then manipulate the globe climber to spin faster in order to delay Dabira.
Next, move up the tree, manipulating the love letter to go higher and reach the umbrella. Manipulate it twice, so it hangs from the tree opened, then move back down into the seesaw and manipulate it so you can move further left, back into the dumpster lid.
Now comes the important part: Manipulate the lid to close the dumpster, then switch to Missile and move him into the baseball on the seesaw. Then swap the baseball with the basketball and wait for Dabira to jump onto the seesaw, sending the basketball flying into the umbrella.
Next, swap the tire below with the basketball, causing the tree branch to bow and sending the football falling down. without the dumpster lid being open, it will simply fall to the ground, leaving you unable to complete the section.

First Appearance of Life
Final Chapter: Fail by Removing a Large Symbol

This one requires you to get Mino the park mascot stuck in a position that won’t allow you to move him into the proper spot. It takes place after you manipulate Lynne’s headphones, making her drop the sweet potato and changing her fate.

Move Sissel into the basket and manipulate it to make the sweet potato inside fall into the fountain. As the sweet potato float to the left, manipulate the right-most nozzle and move into the sweet potato, which will be flung into the center of the fountain. Move Sizzle into the center nozzle, then move Missile into the sweet potato floating no the jet above.
After that, manipulate the nozzle with Sissel to raise the sweet potato and switch back to Missile to swap the sweet potato with the mascot above. Then simply resume time and watch Mino crash into the fountain, leaving you unable to complete the section.


And finally – a couple of achievements which don’t neatly fit into categories.

Shifting Shape to Get By
Complete all 5×5 Ghost Puzzles

After completing the whole story, you’ll unlock different sliding puzzle minigames. This achievement is awarded for solving all of these with a size of 5 by 5.

Ghost Trick Master
Clear all Challenges

The game’s final achievement, which you’ll get once you’ve unlocked all of the other achievements.

Thanks to Mannor for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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