Gemlands: Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Here is a full walkthrough with achievements guide for the Gemlands game.



An oldschool styled collectathon with plenty of secrets!

WASD – Movement
Mouse – Attack
E – Interact
Space – Jump/Double Jump
Q – Triple Jump (When unlocked)
Tab – Menu
Enter – Confirm in Menu

Make sure to Save often
Unlock Portals when you find them
Open all the chests you can for gold
Enemies drop useful supplies

It may be preferred to return to previous areas once you obtain the Sky Feather.

What’s required for 100%?
Collect all Items (Sword, Bow, Feather)
Collect all Gems (500 Main World + 100 Secret World)
Collect all Rainbow Gems
Buy 6 Health upgrades to reach 10 HP (30 Gold each)
Pet the Dog in the Sky Castle
Stand on the Giant Cloud
Defeat the Boss

Everything will be covered, following how I played the game.

Sunny Cliffs

The first priority is to find 3 Iron Ore to trade for a Sword in the house nearby.
Behind the crates

After you climb up

After the arrow traps
After the Iron Ore is collected, talk to the Mysterious Man to receive the Sword
In the house near where you started
(While you are here, walk toward to portal and learn how it works)

Rainbow Gem
Look behind this wall

You can get the last 6 Diamonds after finishing the next area

Emerald Forest

The goal here is to find and destroy 10 beehives for the fairy, in the upper area of the Forest.

Rainbow Gem

Once all beehives have been destroyed, talk to the Fairy to receive the Bow.

Fire the Bow at this Target


Shoot the Target and a path with appear

Take note of the locked gate to your right
Continue forward to the next area

Dry Canyon

Climb up here and shoot this Target for a bridge

Rainbow Gem
Climb up the rock, jump onto the cactus then up again (Make take a few tries)

Jump on the Flying Birds to cross certain areas

Follow the jump pads upward

Fall down

Make sure to take the Iron Key before you leave

Activate both Portals

Tower Part 2

Use the Iron Key on the door back in the Tower

What’s down here?

Now you have the Sky Feather (Double jump then press Q for extra height)
Rainbow Gem:
Go back to Sunny Cliffs and jump up here

Dry Canyon Part 2

Find this area just before the ship

Make sure to read the sign

Sky Fleet

Rainbow Gem

Find the Helm Wheel below Deck

Install the Helm Wheel and talk to the Captain

The Ship can travel between the two sides of the Tower once unlocked

Tide Pools

Rainbow Gem


Activate the portals at the base of the Gloomswamp then continue onward

A reusable full health heart

Activate the portal before the Sky Castle

Rainbow Gem

Sky Castle

Examine Dogi

Rainbow Gem
Approach from above

Get onto the Giant Cloud with the jump pads

Pull this lever to activate both lifts

Rainbow Gem
Jump down here

Dimensional Witch

Buy all the HP upgrades you can (30 Gold each)
(Fall, or use the portals to go back to the first area)
Make your way back to Sky Castle

Use the lifts
Heal if you need and finally make your way to the boss
If you want to see how the boss fight goes:

Don’t forget to save!

Secret Isles

Return to Sunny Cliffs and enter this Portal

The final task is to collect the remaining 100 Gems
(Some Gems may blend into their environment and others are well hidden, so look closely!

Start off with the Yellow section, which contains 33 Gems.
Then move onto the Pink section (Gems inside and on top of the obstacle)
and finally finish with the Blue section.
Have fun exploring!

Thanks to Na for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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