GearBlocks: How to Save and Load Progress

Some scenarios (e.g. Kit Build and B-Model Build) allow you to save progress, and then load it back later, here’s how to do it.   Saving Progress in a Scenario A scenario in progress: To save, press Escape and click SAVE SCENE. Then enter a name (and description if you like) and click the Save button: NOTE: Save / … Read more

GearBlocks: How to Customize Your Character

Did you know you can choose your player character? Or create your own custom character? Here’s how.   Choosing a Player Character From the main menu, enter the CHARACTER screen. Then select one of the character constructions, and click the “Toggle Selected Construction” button: NOTE: A small icon will appear next to the character that has been toggled … Read more

GearBlocks: Toolbox User’s Guide

A reference guide to the tools in GearBlocks, briefly covering each available operation.   Builder Tool Press 1 to activate. Use this tool to spawn or destroy parts & constructions, select & move parts, attach or detach parts, and change attachment types. Hold Q for the builder tool menu, to choose parts or constructions to spawn into the scene. … Read more

GearBlocks: Beginner’s Guide

A beginner’s guide to some of the terms and concepts you might encounter while playing GearBlocks, when reading the help pages, and so on.   Aligning When frozen parts are moved close together, they will be aligned. The position and rotation of one will be “snapped” to line up with the other. To move a … Read more