Garry’s Mod: KekBox Fort Fights Simplified Guide

This guide will cover the very basics and essentials of KekBox Fort Fights without being too detailed.


Press F1 in-game to read the basics of the gamemode.

Now that basics are covered, here is some more advanced info that covers supplying and defences.

Loot spawns at certain spots which you should memorize.
Your main objective should be to arm yourself and find a radio, which can help your team a lot.

Treat it gently and with care. When grav-gunning a radio, it will force itself into a direct angle, which can break it if not done carefully.
You can use your Jmod hands to reposition a radio.
Say !ff in chat to check for loot, which improves with every stage.

The radio order contains useful orders.
Kits equip themselves onto you directly, and ammo mods are used by binding a key to cycleammo. They do not work for launchers.
Some orders are restricted for balance purposes and take 10 extra minutes to arrive.


The key orders to use for this are…

The crafting table to store, rebuild, and scrap loot into iron for heavy equipment and drones.

The engineer to build, decontaminate, survive biological attacks, and stop projectiles.
The exporter to link with the MultiConnect SWEP to loot containers and place inside the crafting table. Use the weapon as shown on your HUD to successfully loot-farm.

With these, you can make a fully automated loot farm.
To do this, order the above things on the radio and follow the plan below.

Crafting table with exporter inside of it linked to loot containers nailed over loot spawns.
Check everything under “Loot Scrapping” in the crafting table to make sure it’s being scrapped.
This will go on as long as there is enough loot for each recipe. Let this run safely.


There are many ways to protect your generator. This can include anything from simple props to complex defenses, but let’s focus on the more effective methods. You can craft entities in the Workbench, Build Kit, and Crafting Table to achieve this.

This final portion will talk about recon and offensives.


In order to plan your attack, you will need to gather intel. The smallest drones are available in the crafting table, workbench, and build kit. You should be discrete and thoughtful with your approach to this, as it can help a great deal in mounting an epic and effective offensive. Take note of different player/entity positions, and formulate a proper attack plan. There are many tools to help you setup attack positions and forward operating bases. The complete guide can offer more in-depth and complex information on this if necessary.


After this plan is completed, you can now execute it. Make use of different kits for different approaches such as taking out forward operating bases and positions. Remember, your ultimate target is the generator, so use everything you’ve got to destroy it and win the round.

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