Garden in!: All Hybridizations List

All hybridizations by family tree type.


Hybridizations: All Combinations

Ground Plants
Night Stars: Green Hut + Royal Flowers
Sleep Keepers: Purple Eyed Petals + Night Stars
Golden Sailor: Red Kid + Night Stars
Zephir: Red Kid + Green Hut
Party Animals: Royal Flowers + Purple Eyed Petals
Poutpourri: Sleep Keepers + Golden Sailor
Three Suns: Party Animals + Poutpourri
Majesty: Zephir + Three Suns

Wind Plants
Scarlet Crown: Dawn Lotus + Night Veil
Meteor Bulbs: Night Veil + Blue Birds
Dripping Forest: Blue Birds + Rusty Crest
Stairway to Sun: Scarlet Crown + Blue Birds
Night Globe: Night Veil + Dripping Forest
Crimson Tongues: Dawn Lotus + Night Globe
Dragon’s Claw: Stairway to Sun + Rusty Crest
King’s Root: Crimson Tongues + Dragon’s Claw

Water Plants
Lordlillies: Green Lumen + Watersuns
Shiny Fern: Princess Hair + Voidberries
Heartbeat: Lordlillies + Princess Hair
Tiny Dancers: Shiny Fern + Watersuns
Rusty Garland: Green Lumen + Voidberries
Lightnests: Lordlillies + Tiny Dancers
Jester’s Laughter: Heartbeat + Shiny Fern
Crimson Queen: Lightnests + Jester’s Laughter

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