Freud’s Bones-the game: Achievements and Psychoanalytic Sessions Solution

In this guide you will find the instructions to obtain all the achievements, also including the correct diagnoses of the various patients. However, it is advisable to try to interpret the data of the psychoanalysis sessions with your own strength and to read this guide as a last option.



First of all, some advice:

1) Let’s repeat it again: much of the fun in the game is getting to make the right diagnoses. Even if it is very difficult try to do it yourself and consult the guide only as a last option.

2) The game has tons of save slots. Use them, especially before taking on a new case.

3) Some achievements are related to Freud’s reputation or other choices to make in the game. So you will need to play more runs to unlock everything.


The insider
“Your new home.”
Take possession of Freud
(not missable)

Hot black coffee
“Caffeine intravenously, please!”
Drink your first coffee
(not missable)

“Elsa: the woman with marble legs”
You started Elsa’s case
(not missable)

Wise crow
“The crow devours darkness.”
Choose the features of the crow for Freud’s inner voice
(alternative to “Petulant Cat”)

Petulant cat
“The cat does not offer services. The cat offers himself.”
Choose the features of the cat for Freud’s inner voice
(alternative to “Wise Crow”)

A black dog wanders around…
“You’ve accepted the “Canis-is” case.”
When you receive the case letter, you agree to take charge of it.

Johanna: the woman with a tumultuous stomach
“You started Johanna’s case”
(not missable)

The magic powder
“The first snow is never forgotten!”
Choose to take cocaine at the earliest opportunity.

Joseph: the forgotten seer.
“You started Joseph’s case”
(not missable)

The skull is an open nut!
“Discover your rhetorical weapons for the first time.”
Go to the Eckmann café at least one evening and try to convince some lenders.

Julian: the man with the fierce jaw
“You started Julian’s case.”
(not missable)

“You have not consumed cocaine or cigars.”
Refuse any substance when you have the crisis after the Julian Holden case. Just open your handbag and then close it again without taking anything.

The painter and the stoat
“You met Dalì­ with the stoat!”
(not missable)

The demon is a muppet
“The Super-Ego untied you from Freud.”
(not missable)

Publishing, what a sweet discovery!
“You chose the book covers.”
At least one evening choose to go to the Eckmann café, but before entering, go to the bookshop to choose the covers.

Editorial frenzy
“You bought all the covers available.”
The night Jofi runs away from you, go to the bookstore and choose all the covers.

Uncommon zoophilia
“You’ve accepted the “Gunter” case.”
Accept the case when the mail arrives. Sometimes the letter may never arrive, it is unclear whether for random reasons or player choices. However, it might be useful to follow a line of play that favors Freud’s career and reputation.

Prodigal pupil
“In the shoes of Jung, you saved Dr. Freud!”
You have to make a perfect analysis with Jung.
(check section on psychoanalysis sessions)

Virginia: the lost vestal
“You discovered the story of Virginia.”
You must be successful in Jung’s analysis
(check section on psychoanalysis sessions)

“Have you decided to reopen the Virginia case: will your fame be shattered?”
You must be successful in Jung’s analysis and then make the related choice.

The golden cage
“You chose the career… but demons can take boats.”
You must be successful in Jung’s analysis and then make the related choice.

The tar abyss
“You didn’t save Freud: will his secret swallow him?”
You have to fail Jung’s analysis
(check section on psychoanalysis sessions)

Virtuous or coward??
“You prefer tobacco to magic powder!”
Whenever you can, choose always to smoke rather than take cocaine.

Healthy lungs!
“You NEVER have smoked.”
Never smoke, even if the stress builds. If you have to choose, go for cocaine.

United States of Freud
“The Americans want you to teach!”
You must reach an high enough reputation level to receive the proposal.

Sigmund Potter!
“You have unlocked the maximum fame level.”
You will have to solve all the cases with the maximum score, get the most out of the lenders (see appropriate section) and always choose career-enhancing options, such as accepting social evenings at Eckmann cafè, interviews, as well as choosing book covers. In this regard, we recommend a classic cover for “The Interpretation of Dreams” and a provocative one for “Obsessions, phobias and paranoia”.

A curious smoker
“You smoked all kinds of cigars.”
The first evening, you decide to spend it at the Eckmann café, but first go to the cigar shop and buy all kinds of ones. Remember to make enough money by analyzing and convincing lenders. As soon as your stress level demands it, smoke a cigar, each time different.

The weaver of souls
“You saved all your patients.”
You will have to solve all cases perfectly. Wait to see all the endings about the patients.
(check section on psychoanalysis sessions)

The oracle in ruins!
“All your patients are collapsed into a spiral of pain.”
You will have to completely fail all cases. Wait to see all the endings about the patients.
(check section on psychoanalysis sessions)

Psychoanalysis sessions – Introduction

Each of the various cases involves three phases:
-The session with the patient.
-The formulation of the diagnosis.
-The proposal of therapy.

The first phase is the crucial one, because it provides the data for the second, which in turn will allow us to formulate a therapy depending on how many correct deductions we will be able to make.
To get the perfect case solution it is therefore necessary to pay the utmost attention from the first phase.
In the therapy session we will have to decide which line of investigation to take. The order of the questions is also important as some of them should only be asked when the patient’s level of confidence is high enough. The amount of money paid by the patient at the end of the session will tell us how good the session was. Only with 50 shillings will we have the certainty of having obtained all the data.
In the data interpretation phase we will have to choose which meaning to give to the patient’s words and establish the type of disorder from which he is affected (hysteria, neurosis, …)
In the third phase, the amount of treatment options available will reveal to us how good our conduct was during the case. Not having therapeutic proposals or having only one will mean a total failure in resolving the case. Having two will mean you have made some mistakes. With three we will be sure that we have helped the patient but not that we have revealed every secret about him. Only in this way, and also by giving the right therapy, will we achieve the perfect analysis, visible in the ending.

Psychoanalysis Sessions – Elsa

Session with the patient

-Start by choosing the clinical approach.
-Ask about his private life.
Ask for Arnold.
Cunningly investigate by feigning inattention.
-Ask about childhood.
-Ask about the symptom.
– Ask for 50 shillings.


Analyze the family status and comment that Elsa spoke only of the deceased father.
Analyze the poem and circle the three sets of words giving the following interpretations:
-Elsa lives an unconsummated love obsession.
-There is a person who prevents her from being with the one she loves.
-Elsa wishes the death of her rival in love.
-Elsa hurt herself because of desperation.
Analyze drugs, circle them and search for them in the encyclopedia. Interpret this way:
– the drugs induce a slight relaxation.
-Elsa doesn’t trust doctors.
– Look for comments on bruises and tremors in the report and interpret them as a medical error.
When formulating the diagnosis, choose:
-Elsa has a secret love that the unconscious has removed and is at the root of her symptoms.
She hurt herself for desperation.
She Hid her sister’s death because of her strong trauma.
-The doctors were wrong in sedating her.

ATTENTION: After the case of Julian Holden, the time will come when Freud will have a crisis. DO NOT take cocaine or while he is “done” of trip he will miss the final session with Elsa.

When you see Elsa again, tell her that her illness is the Hysteria.


-No drugs.
-Keep a diary.
-Go live alone.

Psychoanalysis Sessions – Johanna

Session with the patient

Analyze all documents. Circle the points of interest in the farewell letter and interpret them as a sign of a specific traumatic event Johanna experienced.
-Start with a fatherly approach.
-Discuss the farewell letter.
Counter Freud’s attitude.
Choose the image of Lou and Anna kissing.
-Choose 2 consecutive times to leave Johanna free to speak.
Choose the image of Anubis.
Ask her to take it easy.
he interprets her words as an assault she has suffered.
Interpret the letters as an indication of H.
-Ask for the book in a provocative and libertine way.
Ask her if the book had to do with exchanging knowledge between women.
Ask her if she felt love for Mrs H.
-Ask for 50 shillings


-Johanna suffered a sexual assault.
-It’s not important who attacked her.
-Johanna felt an unspeakable attraction to Mrs. H.
-Interpret the nursery rhyme as sexual intercourse and abuse of a young girl.
When you see Johanna tell her your diagnosis: Hysteria


-No drugs.
-Leave the city.
-Live a love story without social or moral inhibitions.

Psychoanalysis Sessions – Joseph

Session with the patient

Analyze the documents.
-Call him Cassandra.
-Start with a passive approach.
-Ask about the ritual.
Interpret the numbers.
They represent Year, Month and Hour.
-Ask about the recurring dream.
Do not give certainties.
-Ask about hospitalization.
(preferably) choose cocaine.
-Select 6 points in the diary page (chosen, mice, hands, latrines, palaces, angel)


-Joseph is a giant who does not know how to measure his strength.
-Joseph gets drunk to overcome social anxiety.
-Joseph feels invested with a grave and very heavy responsibility which he therefore refers to God.
-His hands are bearers of death.
-Mice indicate an obsession that wears him down.
-The places shown are real.
-The angel is a loved one who died recently.
The diagnosis is: Obsessive neurotic.
– Ask for 50 shillings.


-No drugs.
– Attend the Academy of Fine Arts.
– Undergo hypnosis sessions.

Psychoanalysis Sessions – Julian Holden

Session with the patient

Analyze the documents. Interpret them as written by a potential murderer.
-Start with a fatherly approach.
-Ask about the doctors’ therapy.
Give him security.
-Ask about the relationship with women.
Choose cigars or cocaine
Julian is a clueless seducer (automatic choice if Freud takes cocaine)
-Ask about symptoms.
Relationship with breastfeeding.
Free associations.
Choose Home and Breast.


-The trauma is centered on the mother.
-He is obsessed with saving his beloved woman, but failing he paint her as a devil.
-The relationship with prostitutes can aggravate the situation.
-The tone with women is hypocritically gentle and manipulative.
-the mother was absent and not very affective.
-Julian felt guilty for his inability to be loved by his mother.
-Julian is obtuse.
The diagnosis is: Hysteria.
Ask for 50 shillings.


-No drugs.
-Leave the city.
– Train your social skills.

Psychoanalysis Sessions – Freud
-Possess the Jung’s bones
-Say you know who you are. The correct answer is: The Shadow.
-Ask Freud about the last evening.
-Leave speak Jung.
-Choose the hypnosis.
-Say you know hot to make it. It needs read the Freud’s diary.
-Interpret the vision:
The old man represents the scientific community that refuse Freud.
The rabbit represents a secret that Freud hides.
The wizard represents a man idolatrated but forgotten in his human fragility.

Psychoanalysis Sessions – The Epistolary cases

The Canis-Is Case

Advise the painter to talk to his model about his brother’s death.

The Gunther case

Propose a joint session with the lady and her bird Gunther.

Convince the lenders

The first evening at the Eckmann café you will meet a “Patron” financier.
Follow the following approach:
– Flatter him.
-Refuse to sell off patients
-Re-propose the initial proposal.

The second evening you will meet a “Scion-noble” financier.
Follow the following approach:
-Be negotiators.
– You agree to dedicate the book.

Thanks to Mccoy for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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